The Simplest Book For Technical Analysis by Mukul Agrawal

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13. Oct 2022
The Simplest Book For Technical Analysis by Mukul Agrawal

This book, written by Mr. Mukul Agrawal, founder of Finowings Training & Academy Pvt Ltd, will guide you how to use technical analysis to better time your entry and exit into and out of the stock, index, and commodity markets. 

About this Book - Buy Book - Click Here - He is trying to give you whatever he learned and experienced from the market in the past 18 years in the easiest way possible. People who want to study technical analysis should read this book because of its clear, understandable writing style. Download full PDF - Click here

This book will enlighten traders or investors on everything they need to know about technical analysis, from the basics to the more complex techniques, to help them choose the best stocks to buy at the right moment and maximize their returns. With the aid of several examples, the book will show you how to understand and employ different technical analysis techniques like support and resistance, moving averages, candlestick patterns, chart patterns, etc. while trading.

Additionally, the book discusses risk management strategies like position sizing, stock picking strategies, setting up initial and trailing stop losses, keeping a trading journal, etc.

About the Author -

Mr. Mukul Agrawal is an Entrepreneur, Investor, Trader, Angel Investor and Stock Market Technical Analyst. He is 2 Times TEDx and Josh Talk Speaker. He was also awarded International Fame Award 2021, National Achiever’s Award 2019.

He holds the director position in two firm “Agrawal Corporate” & “Finowings Training Academy Private Limited. He graduated from J.S University, Sikhohabad Uttar Pradesh. His expertise includes Financial Market Training, Value Investing, Systematic Trading, Angel investing & Technical Analysis.

He is currently on a mission to make the financial market understandable to every common man with his lucid approach, through which he had already empowered millions of students. He had conducted more than 150 workshops 




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