Why my dogs eat grass? When To Be Worried?

Many dog owners ponder whether or not their dogs' continued grass-eating behaviour is healthy. Dogs need roughage in their diets and grass is a good source of fiber.

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3. Apr 2023
Why my dogs eat grass? When To Be Worried?

Many dog owners wonder why their pets continue to eat grass and whether this is a healthy habit. Today, we'll discuss some of the causes and consequences of dogs eating grass.

Why do dogs eat grass?

Pet owners who are worried about their dogs frequently wonder why their dogs seem to enjoy eating grass. You may have even witnessed your dog eating grass, throwing up, and then quickly returning to eating grass.

Does the dog's behaviour suggest that something needs to be brought to the surface in their stomach?

Has your dog consumed something dangerous or toxic?

Do they want to cure an unidentified medical ailment on their own?

While some dogs do vomit after eating grass, this isn't always the case.

Physical Causes of Dogs Eating Grass

The majority of dogs consume grass without showing any signs or symptoms of stomach upset. Thus it seems doubtful that dogs would eat grass in an effort to make them vomit. Having said that, physical causes may also arise from a diet low in fibre.

Dogs are omnivores, therefore in addition to high-quality meat, plant meals are essential for their well health. A few grass blades may be a simple way for your dog to receive the fibre they need to maintain a healthy digestive system: it's important for them to eat some roughage.

That being stated, your dog may have a medical issue if it is eating grass and displaying symptoms of stomach trouble. Many gastrointestinal conditions, such as pancreatitis or inflammatory bowel disease, can affect dogs.

We advise scheduling a visit with your veterinarian if your dog is eating grass and displaying additional symptoms including decreased energy, constipation, diarrhoea, or lack of appetite.

Why Dogs Eat Grass - Psychological Reasons 

Much like pet owners who gnaw their nails, dogs frequently eat grass out of boredom or anxiety. If your dog routinely eats grass but exhibits no other signs of digestive problems, their behaviour may be psychological in nature.

If there's a chance that your dog is merely bored, consider lengthening, expanding, or stepping up the pace of their walks to discourage grass-eating.

Your dog chewing grass may potentially be experiencing separation anxiety. When you leave the house, consider leaving your dog with an old blanket or t-shirt that has your scent on it. The aroma your dog is accustomed to may comfort them and discourage them from eating grass.

Some dogs exhibit compulsive tendencies. Your veterinarian will be able to provide you advice on how to help your dog stop obsessive behaviours if it is compulsively eating grass.

Is it safe for dogs to eat grass?

Eating grass is seen as a safe habit if your dog is otherwise healthy and on regular parasite prevention medicines.

Be sure there are no herbicides, pesticides, or fertilisers on the grass your dog enjoys chewing to help keep him or her healthy.

Note - The information in this article is meant to be informative only; it does not constitute veterinary advice for animals. Please schedule an appointment with your veterinarian for a proper diagnosis of your pet's disease.



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