How to Deal with the Noise of Mi TV Audio?

Resolve Mi TV audio noise issues with our comprehensive troubleshooting guide. Optimize sound quality for an immersive viewing experience.

13. Feb 2024
How to Deal with the Noise of Mi TV Audio?

Mi TV users may encounter audio noise issues, disrupting their viewing experience. This guide provides detailed steps to identify and address the various factors that contribute to audio noise on Mi TV, ensuring optimal sound quality.

1. Restart Audio Source Equipment and Mi TV Audio System

To begin troubleshooting, restart both the audio source device connected to Mi TV and the Mi TV audio system. Replug the cables of the TV, audio device, and audio source device. For Bluetooth connections, attempt to reconnect.

2. Change Playing Resources

If the sound quality is poor, try switching to different resources for playback. If the noise issue persists only with specific resources, it may indicate a problem with the playing resource.

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3. Check for Interference

In Bluetooth connections, the surrounding environment can impact audio quality. Ensure that Mi TV audio is positioned close to the Bluetooth player without obstacles or metal objects that could interfere with the signal.

4. Troubleshoot Cable Connections

  • AUX Wire Connection Replace the AUX wire to rule out quality issues.
  • SPDIF Line Connection Set TV sound output to analog audio (PCM output) for better compatibility. TV audio may not support decoding, resulting in noise or silence with digital output.
  • Bluetooth Connection Check for interference with Wi-Fi devices; 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth share frequencies. Reduce interference by minimizing the number of connected devices or increasing the distance between Bluetooth devices and routers.


5. Adjust Volume Levels

If noise occurs only at low volumes, try increasing the volume on the audio source device while decreasing the TV audio volume. Mi TV and audio systems typically have noise filtering functions that may cause issues at low output volumes.

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By following these comprehensive troubleshooting steps, Mi TV users can identify and resolve audio noise issues effectively. Whether the problem lies in cable connections, interference, or volume settings, addressing these factors will contribute to a clear and enjoyable audio experience on Mi TV.

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