How to Fix Mi Bluetooth Remote Control Appears No Response or Failure?

Resolve MI TV Bluetooth remote control issues with our comprehensive guide. From battery replacement to system updates, enjoy seamless control.

13. Feb 2024
How to Fix Mi Bluetooth Remote Control Appears No Response or Failure?

Experiencing unresponsiveness or failure with your Bluetooth remote control can be frustrating. This guide offers detailed steps to troubleshoot and fix these issues, ensuring smooth operation of your MI TV.

1. Bind MI Bluetooth Remote Control

Ensure proper binding of the MI Bluetooth remote control with your MI TV. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for binding the remote control to the TV.

2. Battery Replacement

Replace the battery in the remote control and check for sufficient power. Inspect the battery compartment for rust, corrosion, or deformation. If present, consider purchasing a new remote control or seeking after-sales support.

3. Clear Paired List and Re-pair

Navigate to MI TV Settings > Peripherals and Bluetooth > MI Bluetooth Remote Control > Paired Remote Control. Select the paired remote control and delete it. Then, re-pair the Bluetooth remote control following the on-screen instructions.

4. Clear TV Butler Cache or Restore Factory Settings

Access the TV Butler feature and clear any accumulated garbage or restore factory settings using another remote control. This can help resolve any software-related issues affecting the Bluetooth remote control.

5. Update TV System

Ensure your TV system is up to date with the latest version. If not, update the TV system to the latest version. Ensure the remote control remains powered on during the upgrade process to prevent any failures.

6. Check for Interference

Check for any potential sources of interference in the surrounding environment, such as WiFi networks, wireless mouse/keyboard devices, or other Bluetooth devices. Eliminating interference can improve the performance of the Bluetooth remote control.

7. After-Sales Service

If the issues persist despite the above steps, consider seeking after-sales service for further assistance. Professionals can assess and address any hardware or software problems with the Bluetooth remote control.


By following these steps, you can effectively troubleshoot and resolve Bluetooth remote control issues on your MI TV. From ensuring proper binding and battery replacement to clearing cache and updating the TV system, these solutions address various potential causes of unresponsiveness or failure. If issues persist, consider seeking after-sales service for further assistance. Enjoy seamless control and navigation with your MI TV Bluetooth remote control.

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