Why Google Adsense Earnings Decreasing?

If you are also getting more click on ads but your earning going down, then this article is for you - Why Google Adsense Earnings Decreasing? Perfect Solution.

21. Apr 2023
Why Google Adsense Earnings Decreasing?

It may be a sign of bad ad implementation, modifications to your mobile site, slow page speed, etc., if you can observe that the drop exclusively affected mobile devices. Add the CTR, CPC, and impressions metrics to your report and investigate which one contributed most to the decline.

There could be several reasons why your Google AdSense earnings are going down.

Here are a few possible explanations:

Seasonal fluctuations: Budgets for advertisers frequently shift throughout the year in response to seasonal circumstances. For instance, during the holiday season, advertisers might be more inclined to spend more on advertisements, whereas during other months, they might be less eager to do so.

Changes in website traffic: Your AdSense profits can be decreasing if traffic to your website has decreased. Lower profits may result from fewer visits since they generate fewer clicks and impressions.

Changes in ad placement: Your revenue may be significantly impacted by where you place your advertisements. Your AdSense earnings may be suffering if you've lately changed the design or placement of your website's ads.

Ad blockers: Many individuals use ad blockers, which are gaining popularity, to prevent advertisements from displaying on websites. This can result in fewer ad impressions and clicks, which would impact your AdSense profits. 

Competition: Fewer bids from advertisers for website ad space may result in fewer earnings if there is fierce competition in your niche.

You can try the following to solve these problems:

  • In order to increase website traffic, keep an eye on it and tweak your marketing and content strategies.


  • Try out various ad locations to find which one is most effective for your website.


  • Think about varying your sources of revenue and looking into different advertising mediums.


  • Make sure your website is search engine optimised, since this might aid in increasing traffic.


  • As more and more people use their smartphones and tablets to access the internet, be sure your website is mobile-friendly.


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