What should I do if the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum T12 Moves Backwards?

Resolve Xiaomi Robot Vacuum T12 moving backward issues with our comprehensive troubleshooting guide. Ensure optimal performance for a seamlessly clean home.

13. Feb 2024
What should I do if the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum T12 Moves Backwards?

Investing in a smart home appliance like the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum T12 is undoubtedly a step towards a more convenient and automated lifestyle. However, like any other electronic device, it may encounter occasional hiccups. One common issue users may face is the robot vacuum moving backward unexpectedly. In this guide, we will delve into a detailed troubleshooting process to address this concern and ensure your Xiaomi Robot Vacuum T12 resumes its optimal functionality.

1. Check for Foreign Matter on the Driving Wheel

The first step in troubleshooting backward movement is to inspect the driving wheel for any foreign matter. The accumulation of debris or hair around the wheel can hinder its proper rotation. Ensure the wheel is free from any obstructions and moves smoothly.

2. Verify the Normal Rotation of the LDS

The Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) is a crucial component that guides the robot vacuum during its cleaning journey. Confirm that the LDS rotates properly by checking its lid. Lightly lift the radar sensor lid and observe whether the rotation is smooth. Any irregularities could contribute to the backward movement issue.

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3. Remove Foreign Objects from the LDS Rotating Part

A sluggish or stalled rotation of the LDS may result from foreign objects or hair entangled in its rotating part. Carefully inspect and remove any debris that may impede the sensor's movement. This simple action can significantly improve the overall performance of the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum T12.

4. Check for Uneven or Warped Surfaces

Uneven or warped surfaces on the strike plate and the vacuum itself can affect its ability to move forward properly. Inspect these areas for any irregularities or large objects that may be hindering the vacuum's path. Ensuring a smooth and obstacle-free surface is essential for optimal performance.

5. Confirm the Rebound Capability of the Collision Plate

The collision plate plays a crucial role in navigating obstacles. Tap the collision plate gently to confirm that it is in a state where it can rebound effectively. A malfunctioning collision plate can contribute to the robot vacuum moving backward unexpectedly.

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6. Restart the Host

Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve minor issues. Try restarting the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum T12 and initiate another cleaning cycle. This can help refresh the system and eliminate any temporary glitches that might be causing the backward movement problem.


The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum T12 is designed to make your life easier, and troubleshooting its occasional quirks can ensure a seamless experience. By following these detailed steps, you can address the issue of the robot vacuum moving backward and enjoy the convenience of a clean home with minimal hassle. Remember to perform these checks regularly to maintain the optimal functionality of your smart home device.

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