Why does Xiaomi Robot Vacuum T12 use more power during floor mopping?

Unlock the efficiency of Xiaomi Robot Vacuum T12 without high power consumption. Optimize mopping modes for effective and energy-conscious cleaning.

13. Feb 2024
Why does Xiaomi Robot Vacuum T12 use more power during floor mopping?

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum T12 boasts advanced features for efficient cleaning, but users may notice higher power consumption during mopping. This article explores the reasons behind this phenomenon and offers recommendations for optimal usage.

1. Initial Battery Management

When receiving the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum T12 for the first time, ensure a full charge of its 3200mAh battery before use. This initial step sets the stage for prolonged and efficient operation.

2. Understanding Professional Mopping Mode

Check whether the professional mopping mode is activated during the cleaning process. This mode employs a Y-shaped path for mopping, enhancing cleaning efficacy but resulting in faster power consumption. Users are advised to select mopping modes based on the specific cleaning requirements of the floor.


The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum T12 is designed to provide advanced cleaning solutions, but users should be aware of factors contributing to increased power consumption during mopping. By following the recommended battery management practices and understanding the implications of professional mopping mode, users can strike a balance between efficient cleaning and power conservation for an optimal cleaning experience.

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