Understanding Patent, Copyright and Trademark Easily

By Mahesh Sambhaji Jadhav. The Book makes anyone expert and confident to protect their own intellectual property.

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12. Jan 2023
Understanding Patent, Copyright and Trademark Easily

Understanding Patent, Copyright and Trademark Easily Book by Mahesh Sambhaji Jadhav. 

About this Book - Buy Book - Click HereThe Book will give answersto all questions in the reader's mind like, what can be patented? What cannot be patented? Types of patents, Difference between copyright and patent.The Book also provides required form and fee details. Download Full PDF - Click Here

The Book makes anyone expert and confident to protect their own intellectual property.

We are happy to announce publication of this unique book for protection Knowledge and conservation "Knowledge isproperty: patents, copyright, trademark," with" HighTechEasy Publishing ".

We were inspired and committed to fulfill huge expectation from the reader to create such a valuable and useful book. Download Paperback

Today, This Dream has come into the picture! 


Detailed information about Patents, copyright, trademark in simple to understand format  -

  • Accurate use of pictures, figures and process flow charts to clear the concepts.
  • Information regarding Patent and copyright process filing process.
  • Systematic stepwise guide of 17 steps to become successful scientists.
  • Special Interviews of researchers and legal experts, including their precious guidance.


About the Author - 

Mr. Mahesh Sambhaji Jadhav was born in India. For eleven years he worked in software and hardware technology field in world leading semiconductor organizations. After completion of his Master of Science in Software Systems from BITS Pilani India, He authored ten pioneering books with HighTechEasy Publishing. He won the prestigious Global 30 under 30 Award in the Field of the Invention and Innovation from BITS Alumni Association. He is true innovator in field of books.



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