Open Stubborn Jar Lids With This Simple Wooden Utensil Trick

Learn how to open stubborn jar lids effortlessly using a simple wooden utensil trick. Say goodbye to struggling with tight jars with this handy tip!

9. Jul 2024
Open Stubborn Jar Lids With This Simple Wooden Utensil Trick

Struggling with stubborn jar lids? Here’s a clever trick using a simple wooden utensil that can save the day:

What You'll Need

1. Wooden Utensil: Grab a wooden spoon or a similar utensil with a flat handle.

2. Jar with Stubborn Lid: Choose any jar with a lid that's hard to open.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Grip the Jar Securely: Hold the jar firmly with one hand, ensuring a good grip.

2. Position the Wooden Utensil: Take the wooden utensil and place the handle flat against the edge of the jar lid. Ensure it covers a good portion of the lid's edge for better leverage.

3. Apply Pressure and Twist: Press down firmly on the handle while simultaneously twisting it counterclockwise (to open). The wooden utensil provides extra grip and leverage, making it easier to break the seal on the lid.

4. Repeat if Necessary: If the lid doesn’t loosen on the first attempt, reposition the utensil and try again. Sometimes, a slight adjustment in angle or more pressure can do the trick.

5. Enjoy Your Opened Jar: Once the lid loosens, remove it completely and enjoy whatever delicious contents await inside the jar!

Why It Works

Wooden Grip: The wooden utensil's texture and grip help increase friction against the lid, allowing for better traction and leverage.

Leverage Advantage: By pressing and twisting simultaneously, you're utilizing both downward force and rotational force, which are effective in breaking the seal on stubborn lids.


Next time you encounter a tight jar lid, remember this simple wooden utensil trick. It’s a handy and effective method that doesn’t require brute strength or special tools. With a little practice, you’ll be effortlessly opening jars like a pro!

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