How to take screenshot on Mac?

20. Dec 2022
How to take screenshot on Mac?

There are many ways to capture a screenshot on Mac. We Pick Best options for you to take screenshot on Mac. Just follow these easy steps to take screenshot.

Take Screenshot On Your Mac Using Built-In Command 

On a Mac, you can even take a screenshot using only the keys on your keyboard, avoiding most of the system complexity that comes from using several menus and apps. This method uses three keyboard keys to execute a shortcut command.

The Shift, Command, and number keys are the three keyboard buttons. There are three possible combinations of these keys that can be used to snap screenshots of the screen at the user's discretion. You only need to press them in the exact sequence that is indicated. 

To take a snapshot of the complete visible screen and store it to your Mac's storage, press Shift+Command+3. Use the Shift+Command+4 combination and the cross-hair mouse cursor if you're just ready to take a single chunk of the target in order to conceal others.

The Shift+Command+4 keyboard shortcut combination must be used to snap a particular Mac window or application; the only difference is that you must use the Space key on your keyboard rather than using the cross-hair pointer.


Use Touch Bar To Take Screenshot On Mac

The Touch bar is the best solution in this situation because it is very accessible and all crucial options can be utilised from here very easily. It is difficult to remember all the shortcuts and use the combinations as needed.

You must adhere to a straightforward procedure in order to add the Screenshot option to the touch bar. First, click the "Apple Logo" in the top-right corner of the screen, then select "System Preferences" and then select the "Keyboard" option in the second row.

Click the "Customize Control Strip" button at the bottom of this window, then click and drag the "Screenshot option with camera icon" to the Touch bar, and then touch "Done." You may get there by tapping the Screenshot icon, where you'll find a variety of alternatives.


Use Third Party Software & Extension To Take Screenshot On Mac

Because they concentrate on offering a specific thing and offer some addons, third party software or apps are always helpful to complete a specific process. The Apple Store offers a variety of software that you may purchase online.

similar to Capto, Snap It, Yac, iScreen Shotter, record It, and numerous more. When you read the app's review, you will understand how each of these offers various capabilities. The browser is the most used application on all desktops and laptops.

Since everyone uses a browser, there are numerous addons available to screenshot the browser screen, and the most of them work with Chrome.

Note - We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct.


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