How to Reduce Page Size on your Website?

If you are also struggling web-page size issue then this Article is for you, In this post you will learn How to Reduce Page Size on your Website pages.

5. May 2023
How to Reduce Page Size on your Website?

The first reason the page size of a website matters is how quickly it loads. You run the danger of losing traffic if you don't speed up the loading process. The priority of SEO optimisation is this occurrence.

The size of the HTML page is one of the most prevalent website "diseases." Due to increased competition, page weight is increasing quickly today, making it imperative to respond to user requests as efficiently and effectively as feasible.

Images and video content that add the most weight to the pages have become quite popular. A visitor is not likely to enjoy a website that solely contains text. Any website now needs to contain visual content. We now have to deal with the issue of pages taking a long time to load.

How to Check Web-Page Size Online

Many website available online to check your websites page size, you can simply search on Google "Check webpage size" or Type "Website Page Size Checker" you can find many website on first Page, and from there you can easily check your webpage size online.

Reasons for Slow Page Loading

The increase of webpage size is influenced by several factors: HTML, CSS, Java Script, fonts, Images, Video and ads on your website.

Optimising page weight can be done in a variety of ways. Typically, internal and external measuring are separated. Internal measurement is referred to in the server optimisation. As an illustration, they enhance the amount of hosting resources, optimise the number of database server requests, examine the impact of code fragments from plugins on the total speed, perform server caching, etc.

Tips for Reducing Page Size 

Combine CSS and JavaScript

There will be fewer HTTP requests if the CSS elements are all in the same file. The same is true for JS: if these files are loaded simultaneously, the full page will load more quickly.

Check the Image Size

The page becomes heavier with large graphics. Try to keep the size inside the bounds of the block where the image is inserted; it shouldn't be larger. If the block is intended to hold a 500-pixel picture, it is best to adhere to the guidelines.

Remove Unnecessary Components

You should remove any plugins that you aren't using because they can make it more difficult for pages to load. The plugin code also increases the size of the entire page because it loads all other files when a user wishes to view a page. Widgets, plugins, and other files should all be deleted if they are not being used.

Pay Attention to the Image Format

Additionally, it affects page weight. Photos should be in the JPEG format, while other image files should be in the PNG format.

Analyze the Share and Like Buttons

Don't keep these buttons if they aren't actually necessary for the website. The identical piece of code that slows down page loading and loads with the other files is present on this page.

Don't use unwanted Font

Reduce your use of ornate and large fonts. They increase page size, which slows down loading. Additionally, using several stylistic fonts gives the page more weight.

Optimize the Effects

CSS3 effects are preferable. They are more suited to web page sizes and allow you to avoid using image collages or JavaScript fragment embedding.

Use Vector Graphics

Choose graphics that can be marked up using the SVG markup language. Compared to raster graphics, vector images are substantially lighter and maintain quality when scaled.



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