How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Subtitles Not Working?

Troubleshooting Amazon Prime Video subtitle issues? Discover effective fixes for non-working subtitles on Prime Video for seamless viewing.

17. Dec 2023
How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Subtitles Not Working?

Amazon Prime Video has tons of movies and shows, but sometimes, subtitles don't work right. If you're having this problem, here are easy fixes! Subtitles on Prime Video might not show or work well, which can be annoying, especially for language or accessibility needs. Here's how to troubleshoot these subtitle issues.

How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Subtitles Not Working?

When Amazon Prime Video's subtitles don't work properly, it can ruin the experience of watching. To tackle this, a step-by-step approach can help diagnose and resolve the issue.

1. Verify Subtitle Settings

If you are experiencing issues with subtitles not working on Amazon Prime Video, the first step in troubleshooting is to check the subtitle settings and configurations on your device and in the Prime Video app. A number of reasons, such as being deactivated, being in the wrong language, or having the wrong font size, might cause subtitles to not show properly and make them difficult to see or read. Making a comprehensive check of these settings guarantees that subtitles are not accidentally disabled or incorrectly configured, hence resolving any potential problems preventing them from working.

2. Restart Prime Video or Device

Restarting your device or the Prime Video app is the next step to take if adjusting the subtitle settings and configurations does not solve the problem. Sometimes, issues with the app or device's cache might cause problems that prevent subtitles from working properly. Restarting the application or device is a useful method to remove any possible temporary glitches or caching, which helps to restore normal subtitle performance. This guarantees that the app or device has a clean slate, which frequently fixes problems that prevent Amazon Prime Video's subtitles from showing up correctly.

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3. Reinstall Prime Video App

If previous attempts don't work, you can try removing and reinstalling the Prime Video app. This step gets rid of files that can be causing subtitle issues. The steps change depending on the features of your smartphone. Reinstallation frequently fixes recalcitrant Amazon Prime Video subtitle problems.

4. Update App or Device

Outdated software on devices or app versions may also be a contributing reason to subtitle issues on Prime Video. It is therefore necessary to update the software on your device or the Prime Video app. You may enable improvements in subtitle functionality and performance by making sure these patches are up to date. This fixes potential issues that may have gone unreported in previous versions. Maintaining the most recent software versions not only improves the application's general speed but also particularly fixes issues with subtitles on Amazon Prime Video. This preventative action successfully guarantees that the device and app operate at peak efficiency, facilitating a flawless watching experience.

5. Try Another Device

If the problem might be from your device, try using Prime Video on a different device that is compatible to determine if the issue stems from the device itself. Because Prime Video subscriptions may be used on several platforms, testing the service on a different one can assist determine whether the problem is with the first streaming device or if it is present on other devices as well. This troubleshooting technique helps identify the underlying reason of the Amazon Prime Video subtitle problem.

6. Contact Amazon Support

If none of the above steps work, you can directly contact Amazon's customer support for further assistance. They may help identify possible bugs or content-related issues that could be affecting subtitles and offer specific advice to effectively fix the problem.


When watching Prime Video content, subtitles provide important background information. Using these procedures usually fixes problems with Amazon Prime Video subtitles. If you continue to face issues, contacting Amazon support will guarantee thorough help for continuous watching.

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