8 Easy Steps to Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 7136

Discover why Amazon Prime 7136 error occurs and learn effective fixes if encountered on Prime Video. Empower seamless viewing with these solutions.

17. Dec 2023
8 Easy Steps to Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 7136

Amazon, the globally renowned online marketplace, sets itself apart from the competition by providing a vast selection of products and access to a multitude of streaming services through Amazon Prime Video. . However, like any digital platform traversing the vastness of the internet, Amazon has its share of glitches. One of these is the annoying and frequently occurring Amazon Error Code 7136.

How to Fix Amazon error code 7136?

Step 1 - Check Your Internet Connection

Ensuring a stable internet connection with adequate bandwidth is the foundational step in troubleshooting Amazon Error Code 7136 and related issues. This error frequently occurs due to a shaky or inconsistent connection, which interferes with smooth streaming or purchasing on the Amazon platform. Enhancing your browsing and streaming reliability may be achieved by checking and optimising the bandwidth and stability of your internet connection, which can greatly reduce these interruptions.

Step 2 - Restart Your Device

A simple device restart is frequently the fastest way to fix common problems. Error-causing temporary faults can be efficiently eliminated by turning off your device, waiting a little while, and then resuming it. Refreshing the system will potentially address the root reason and bring your device back to smooth operation, which will guarantee continuous access to Amazon services like Prime Video. It's a little but effective move.

Step 3 - Clear App Cache and Data

When you get the Prime Video error code 7136, it might mean that there are too many temporary files and corrupted data in your app. Over time, these accumulating files may cause the app to operate worse. To fix this, go into your device's settings and remove any data and cache that is directly related to Prime Video. In addition to refreshing the app, this proactive measure attempts to fix any damaged data that may be the source of the problem. By deleting these files, you may also be able to free up important storage space on your device, which will improve performance even after the problem has been fixed.

Step 4 - Update Your App

Ensuring your device and Prime Video app are up-to-date is crucial to avoid compatibility issues. Potential conflicts can be resolved by looking for updates in the app's or your device's settings. Installing these upgrades improves your device or app's general security and efficiency in addition to improving compatibility with Prime Video. Updating the operating system and the Prime Video app on your device on a regular basis promotes smooth compatibility, maximizes device functionality, and guarantees a safe streaming experience.

Step 5 - Check for Server Outages

Occasional server downtimes or technical glitches on Amazon's platform can disrupt service. Stay informed of any known server troubles by visiting reputable outage-tracking websites or Amazon's verified social media platforms. If there's a broad outage, you might need to wait for Amazon to fix the problem. While you wait for Amazon to resolve the issue, keeping an eye on official channels and outage-tracking sites guarantees you stay informed about the situation and helps you handle any service delays with knowledge and understanding.

Step 6 - Disable VPN or Proxy

The use of VPNs or proxy services might inadvertently trigger error codes such as 7136 by interfering with Amazon's security measures. Try temporarily turning off your VPN or proxy service to troubleshoot this. You may then determine whether the problem still occurs when these services are not used. By taking this proactive measure, possible conflicts resulting from security protocols should be eliminated, making it easier to determine if the VPN or proxy service is to blame for the issue that occurred when attempting to access Amazon services.

Step 7 - Reinstall the App

To solve Error Code 7136 on your mobile device, try reinstalling the Amazon app. By fixing fundamental app problems and offering a fresh installation that often fixes bugs, this move can guarantee more smoothly functioning access to Amazon's services.

Step 8 - Contact Amazon Support

If none of the above steps work, you can directly contact Amazon's customer support for further assistance. They may be able to provide additional troubleshooting steps or escalate the issue to their technical team.


Facing Amazon Error Code 7136 might disrupt your experience, yet it's typically resolvable. Using these eight techniques facilitates debugging and fixes the problem, guaranteeing smooth access to Amazon's wide range of products. Equipped with these tactics and a reliable internet connection, you'll quickly be able to resume enjoying Amazon's merchandise and entertainment offerings without interruption.

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