English Grammar Checker: 8 Trusted Tools for Students

1. Nov 2022
English Grammar Checker: 8 Trusted Tools for Students

Before we get into this topic, it is important to remember that no English grammar checker is 100% effective. Although they are really very useful,  they should not replace a true understanding of the grammatical concepts of English

Here is the Best Tools for English Grammar Checker

1. Microsoft Word - Microsoft Word has built-in proofreading software that is very useful for both language learners and native speakers. Microsoft Word underlines misspelled and repeated words in red and underlines grammatical errors in green. Just right-click on the underlined section of text and you'll get a list of possible fixes and alternatives.

2. Grammarly - Today, most of our work is done online. Although most blogs have built-in error detection software, it is usually not enough. And this is where Grammarly comes into play in the form of a free to download Chrome extension . It is basically a “writing assistant” and will make sure that every blog post, email, LinkedIn article or Facebook status you write is free of grammatical errors. It will remind you to include the necessary hyphens or remove the words that are repeated and will even make suggestions for the appropriate use of words.

3. Ginger - Ginger is another online English grammar checker that works as a Chrome extension. But Ginger has some great extra features. For example, it offers an  in-context spell checker , which means it controls how a word is spelled and the context in which it is embedded. In this way, it will detect if you have misused a word even if you have not spelled it wrong (excellent for those who hesitate between “their”, “there” or “they're”). Ginger will also help you improve your vocabulary and even guide you to rephrase full sentences, making it an ideal tool for beginners .

4. OnlineCorrection - If you are looking for a useful and handy English grammar checker and you don't want to install anything, OnlineCorrection is right website for you. It checks spelling, grammar, and even has an autocorrect option that will correct all your mistakes automatically (don't worry, you'll have access to a list of changes made to see them).

5. Sentence Checker - If you prefer a very simple English correction tool that checks your sentences, Sentence Checker is a good option. All you have to do is copy your text and paste it into the site to see if it has any errors, that's all! Errors will be highlighted in red or yellow.

6. Virtual Writing Tutor - If you need an online tool with more options , you should take a look at Virtual Writing Tutor. Free membership, as a member you can check up to 3000 words at a time. Non-members can view up to 500 words at a time. In addition to the usual grammar and spelling check, you can also check vocabulary. For example, it can help you choose between academic and conversational words or avoid clichés. If you are summarizing a text, you can select the “Check Paraphrase” tool to compare your summary with the original.

7.  PaperRater - PaperRater works like most grammar checking software but also offers writing suggestions and plagiarism checkingTherefore, it is an essential tool if you are a student and you have to submit final papers or assignments since you can use it as an editor and you make sure that you have not accidentally copied from some external source.

8. Hemingway App - This app  will make sure that everything you write is clear, consistent and extremely easy to readOnce you enter your text in Hemingway you will see that it is colored according to codes. A sentence highlighted in yellow means you have to shorten it and one in red means it's hard to read so you should edit it. A word marked in purple means you should use a shorter word and you will see a list of suggestions, and phrases in green indicate  passive voiceBefore you send that professional email or cover letter , scanning your text with Hemingway would be a good idea to see how “readable” it is.



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