BlackBook of General Awareness January 2023 by Nikhil Gupta

Toppers Choice for SSC, Railways, Defense and other Competitive Exams.

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3. Jan 2023
BlackBook of General Awareness January 2023 by Nikhil Gupta

BlackBook of General Awareness January 2023 by Nikhil Gupta. Toppers Choice for SSC, Railways, Defense and other Competitive Exams.

About this Book - Buy Book - Click HerePlease note that this book is a gist for General Awareness, compiled from all previous year papers of SSC, which are in the form of MCQs into one liner forms. Some questions, e.g., numerical in physics are provided so that you would understand the type of question asked by SSC. Download Full PDF - Click Here

It is expected to go through each and every question given in this book, depending upon time you may read important questions which have been asked multiple times. This book has been divided into several parts, which serves distinct objectives. Therefore, you need to refer and learn according to your needs and requirements of the examination.

One of the main objectives of compiling this book is to provide all questions asked by SSC till the very date for upcoming SSC and other relevant exams. Hence, I have added all the new questions asked in SSC exams till December 2022.


This part contains Top 500 Questions which have been repeatedly asked in SSC exams. Readers are advised to go through this list to revised their concepts quickly and thus boost their score.


This section contains Social Science (viz. History, Geography, Polity and Economics) and General Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Computer) part of SSC General Awareness. Each chapter is suffixed with top 100 most repetitive questions. This one liner also shows the no. of times a question has been asked in SSC exam till date. Also note that TCS mark shows that, the question is new and has been asked by TCS (New Vendor of SSC). Download PDF


This part contains several important topics which have been repeatedly asked by SSC Exam s and includes questions from old as well as current pattern of exam. The current topics asked in previous exams lie in this section, which may be skipped, but it's very important to read and analyse the kind of questions asked from this section. Therefore, you are expected to skim through this part.


This part consists of recently held 435 papers of SSC. This is intended for quick revision of topic wise lessons learnt in the previous chapters as well as to understand the pattern of latest questions asked in these exams.

Lastly, I want to reiterate that this is not a textbook, this is a smart shortcut book, designed specifically for SSC and related exams, to cover all previous year questions in systematic, time efficient and smart manner. Read More


About the Author - 

BlackBook of General Awareness January 2023 Author is Nikhil Gupta. This Book has 600 Pages, Weight is 1.2 Kg , Publisher - Gupta Edutech 


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