Amazon Echo Auto 2nd Gen Review - Add Alexa to Car

Amazon Echo Auto is designed to enable Alexa hands-free features, such as play music, make calls, answer text messages and more for cars. Check Reviews

23. Jul 2023
Amazon Echo Auto 2nd Gen Review - Add Alexa to Car

With Amazon Echo Auto 2nd Gen 2022 Release, Alexa can be used hands-free in cars that don't have a voice assistant built-in, to play music, make calls, answer texts, and more. Using your current data plan, Echo Auto connects to the Alexa app on your phone and plays music through your car's speakers through Bluetooth or an auxiliary input. 

Echo Auto 2nd Gen Overviews

Take Alexa on the Road

You can maximise your driving experience with Echo Auto, a hands-free Alexa automobile attachment. Make calls, place calls, create reminders, and more by just asking Alexa. It has a small design that makes it simple to fit in your car, five microphones that can pick you out over music, air conditioning, or traffic noise, and a quick auto charger for mobile devices.

Enjoy the Soundtrack of Your Drive

Alexa makes for a more enjoyable driving companion. Listen to live radio stations, such as Amazon Amp, or stream your preferred music and podcasts from SiriusXM, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Pandora. Simply ask Alexa to play some music, a popular Audible book, a fresh podcast, or the news.

Alexa is Happy to Help

You may ask Alexa to read text messages and make phone calls. Use Alexa-enabled devices in your house to declare that you're on your way, update to-do lists, make reminders, check calendars, share your ETA, and more.

Designed to Protect Your Privacy

Alexa and Echo devices are built with multiple layers of privacy protection. For example, Echo Auto has a microphone off button that electronically disconnects the microphones. You also have control over your voice recordings. You can view, hear, or delete them at any time.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Echo Auto connects to most of cars that supports bluetooth to play music or that have an auxiliary input. Some cars do not integrate effectively with Echo Auto while utilising Bluetooth. You might be able to use an extra equipment, such as an FM transmitter or cassette tape adapter, to link Echo Auto to your vehicle if you are unable to connect devices to it to play music through Bluetooth or an auxiliary wire.

Echo Auto 2nd Gen Features


Slim design that's easy to place in your car and 5-mic built-in so Alexa can hear you over music, A/C, or road noise. Includes a fast car charger to charge your phone on the go.


Ask Alexa to stream playlists from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and more, or listen live to radio stations. Use Follow Me Music to resume media playback.


Use your voice to make calls, reply to text messages, drop in on Alexa-enabled devices in your home or broadcast announcements.


Binge a hot new podcast, catch up on the news, or listen to best-selling Audible books.


Ask Alexa to set the thermostat, turn off the lights, check if your front door is locked, and more while you're away from home.


Built with multiple layers of privacy controls, including a mic-off button and light indicator.

Echo Auto 2nd Gen Price

Echo Auto 2nd Gen Price in USA starts from $49 , you can buy Echo Auto 2nd Gen 2022 Edition online at lowest Price.

Echo Auto 2nd Gen Full Specifications

Brand Amazon
Model Name Echo Auto 2nd GEN
Compatibility Android v8.0 and iOS 14 or greater
Connectivity Bluetooth
Processor Mediatek MT7697H, Intel SueCreek DSP
Fast Charging Yes
Weight 2.15 oz (61 grams)
Warranty  1 Year


How to Connect Echo Auto 2nd Gen 

Step 1 - Plug the USB cable into your car's power outlet using the included adapter, or directly into the USB port.



Step 2 - Use the Alexa app to begin set up. Make sure to download the latest version of the Alexa app.



Step 3 - Make sure your phone's volume is turned up and the audio input (Bluetooth or auxiliary) is chosen before every drive.



Step 4 - Now ask Alexa for music, news, directions, and more.



What is in the Box?

Echo Auto (2nd Gen) with attached mic and speaker modules, cable wrap, adhesive car mount, spare adhesive, cleaning pad, 3.5mm auxiliary cable, and fast car charger. 

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to Set up Alexa in your Car
  • Superb "Find My" technology and roadside assistance
  • Microphone performs very well in difficult environments
  • You can charge the Echo Auto and one more device with Included Fast Charger 



  • Little expensive then other available devices
  • To maximise your benefits, you must be a part of the Amazon ecosystem.


Echo Auto 2nd Gen Review

My ancient Suzuki Vitara has benefited greatly from the Echo Auto (2nd Gen), which I recently purchased. This is especially true considering that my car lacks CarPlay capabilities. It was upsetting to learn that the gadget only speaks English because I'm from a nation that speaks Spanish. However, it allows me to access music streaming services and make calls, which are my primary activities while driving.

I discovered the positioning of the microphone is essential for the Echo Auto to work at its best. When making calls at first, I put the microphone in a lower position, which made it difficult for the other party to hear me properly. However, the call quality considerably increased after moving it to the level closest to my head. Therefore, be sure to place the microphone properly to prevent any problems.

One small flaw I found is that the cords sometimes appear a little disorganised, depending on the car and its cable management choices. In my instance, the charging cord and aux cable were to blame. But by carefully folding the cords behind the driver's seat, I was able to resolve this issue. Although it is a little nuisance, it has no impact on the device's operation.

I think the Echo Auto is a wonderful product all around. While driving, my kids especially like asking Alexa to play their favourite music, which adds a fun aspect to our car journeys. I would still suggest this device to anyone searching for a cheap solution to add Alexa's capabilities to their non-CarPlay compatible vehicle despite the language restriction and the wire management difficulty.


Should I buy Echo Auto 2nd Gen for my car?

The Echo Auto is an excellent, if pricy, Bluetooth microphone and speaker set for your car that also has a virtual assistant you can use to initiate several operations on your phone. It makes more sense if your car doesn't support Android Auto or Apple CarPlay and you'd like to use a reliable Bluetooth microphone/speaker set rather than your phone's loudspeaker.

What is the point of Echo Auto?

Echo Auto is designed to enable Alexa hands-free features, such as play music, make calls, answer text messages and more for that cars which don't have a built-in voice assistant.

Can Echo Auto be used for navigation?

Yes, you can use Echo Auto for navigation, Just say "Get Direction to (Destinaion)". Alexa utilises your data plan and the phone's built-in navigation app to provide directions.

How do I use Google Maps on Echo Auto?

Select the navigation app and under the Traffic menu just tap on "Default Navigation App". On the majority of Android devices, this technique works like a charm, and it ought to work on the iPhone as well.


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