All You Need To Know About Border Collie Dog Breed

The border collie is a bright, intelligent breed that does best in the country. This breed will quickly grow unhappy and destructive if kept inside without any activity.

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10. Feb 2023
All You Need To Know About Border Collie Dog Breed

Border collies resemble a lighter-weight Australian shepherd, but instead of the Aussie's distinctive bobtail, they have a feathered tail that extends to the hocks. The body is a little bit longer than the dog is tall, and the head is similar to a collie's. The ears appear jaunty because they are upright yet have drooping tips.

Some border collies have a three-inch-long, coarse coat, while others have a one-inch-long, silky coat. Black and white, red and white, black and grey, all-black, and tri-color are just a few of the colours that can be observed. Border collies with longer hair typically have luscious manes and tails.

History of Border Collie Dog Breed

Although border collies were developed to work sheep, they are herders and can handle almost any kind of herd. They will even herd the family's youngsters.

The breed may have started in the 1700s in the lowland and border areas of England and Scotland. Other collies, like the bearded collie and Scotch collie, are regarded to be the forebears of the border collie, and some breed historians speculate that spaniels may have also been involved.

Border collies gained popularity among English gentry during the 19th century. They are still kept as household pets and utilised as working animals today. Border collies are frequently utilised for police work, drug and explosives detection, and search and rescue operations since they are simple to train. They work well as blind people's guiding dogs as well. Recent entry of Borders into AKC show rings has sparked debate and objections from breeders who fear breeding for looks may degrade working abilities.

Personality of Border Collie Dog Breed

Border collies are energetic, hard-working canines who are best suited to rural life. These dogs might grow unhappy and destructive if they are kept inside alone or with little stimulation. The breed is very intelligent, quick to pick things up, and responsive to praise.

They are fiercely protective of their family and territory due to their herding instincts, making them great watchdogs. The family's children will be protected by them. While they get along well with kids and other animals they've grown up with, they can be reticent and occasionally snappish with strangers, biting at their heels in the same manner they would if they were herding sheep.

Living With

Due to their high level of energy, border collies require frequent opportunities for exercise. They enjoy running. They also require lots of attention from their owners and a task, such as fetching a ball or herding animals.

They should receive obedience training, which can help prevent biting behaviour and a propensity to run off or pursue cars, as well as good socialisation from an early age to prevent timidity around strangers.

Average shedders include border collies. To maintain a good coat, brushing is required at least once every week. About 12 to 15 years are lived by this breed.


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