10 Unfinished Anime Series That Left Fans Wanting More

Discover 10 unfinished anime series that left fans craving more, with unique stories halted by various challenges.

21. Jun 2024
10 Unfinished Anime Series That Left Fans Wanting More

Anime, a medium bursting with creativity and variety, often leaves fans hanging with series that start with a bang but unfortunately, don't always get to finish their stories. Whether due to financial troubles, the untimely loss of creators, or pacing differences between anime and manga, many shows remain incomplete. Here's a look at ten such anime, each with their own unique charm and frustrating lack of closure.

1. Dreaming Machine

Satoshi Kon, a visionary in the anime industry, left an indelible mark with his thought-provoking films. His death in 2010 halted the production of his ambitious project, Dreaming Machine. Despite some production progress, the anime remains unfinished, a poignant reminder of Kon's irreplaceable genius.

2. Nana

Ai Yazawa's Nana is a compelling narrative of friendship and love, capturing hearts with its relatable themes and emotional depth. Unfortunately, the manga's hiatus since 2009 has left the anime adaptation without a conclusion, leaving fans clinging to the hope of Yazawa's return to finish this beloved story.

3. Gangsta

Gangsta quickly captured the audience's attention with its gritty storytelling and dynamic animation. However, the bankruptcy of Manglobe, the studio behind the series, led to an abrupt end, leaving the storyline open and fans yearning for more.

4. My Little Monster

This series thrives on the tension of unanswered questions, engaging viewers with its complex characters and their interwoven lives. Despite its intrigue, the anime concludes after only thirteen episodes and one OVA, leaving several narrative threads unresolved compared to its manga counterpart.

5. Deadman Wonderland

An anime that promises much but delivers an incomplete story, Deadman Wonderland offers thrilling visuals and a captivating premise but ends abruptly. The manga provides a more satisfying conclusion, making the lack of a second anime season all the more disappointing.

6. Noragami

Despite its popularity and engaging plot, Noragami faces an uncertain future due to the manga's intermittent hiatuses caused by the health issues of one of its creators. The anime last aired in 2015, and the continuation of its story hangs in the balance.

7. Princess Jellyfish

Princess Jellyfish delivers a heartfelt exploration of Otaku culture through the eyes of its unique female characters. Although the anime spans only eleven episodes, the manga continues much further, leaving fans desiring a deeper dive into the characters' evolutions that the anime begins to explore.

8. Akagi

Madhouse's fascination with gambling-themed anime shines in Akagi, yet this series stops abruptly amid a climactic match that lasts for two decades in the manga. Since the anime concluded in 2006, and the manga only in 2017, much of the story remains untold in animated form.

9. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

While not flawless, Kenichi offers an enjoyable blend of action and humor. The anime, including its OVAs, covers less than half of the manga, and with the manga concluded in 2014, the likelihood of revisiting these characters in anime form seems slim, particularly considering the increased focus on fanservice in the later volumes.

10. Rave Master

Hiro Mashima's Rave Master showed significant potential, which became fully realized in its manga form as the story progressed. However, the anime was discontinued just as it was hitting its stride, a fate not uncommon in the industry but disappointing for fans of Mashima's work, who know just how captivating his stories can be.

Each of these series, in their own right, had the potential to offer complete and fulfilling narratives. Yet, the realities of the anime industry—ranging from financial issues to creative challenges—often mean that some stories remain untold, leaving a lasting impact on their audiences despite their unfinished states.

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