You Can Book written by George Matthew Adams

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15. Dec 2022
You Can Book written by George Matthew Adams

You Can Book written by George Matthew Adams was an American newspaper columnist and Author of many bestselling books. 

About this Book - Buy Book - Click Here - Do you often wonder whether you really have it in you to accomplish your goals, to win over obstacles, and to succeed in life? Through the empowering self-help manual you can, penned to promote personal growth and well-being for anyone who reads it. Download full PDF - Click Here

George Matthew Adams talks about things to be done to pave your way to a fulfilling, successful life - such as sitting for an hour in silence to shape your creative vision, going the extra mile in serving others, letting your character rule your work, studying your mistakes, learning to use time, and many more.

Inculcate these habits, and your life will change. A powerful guide that asserts that you can do anything you set your mind to, you can is filled with quotes imparting wisdom of a man whose teachings have inspired millions - napoleon Hill, and commentary by the executive director of the Napoleon Hill foundation, don M. Green. “You yourself determine the height to which you shall climb. Have you the summit in view?”. Read More

About the Author - George Matthew Adams was an American newspaper columnist, whose columns featured in The Gettysburg Times and many other newspapers. After graduating from Ottawa University in Kansas, Adams was employed in an advertising agency to operate the elevator.

He worked his way up and became a copywriter in that very agency. He also founded the George Matthew Adams Newspaper Service in 1907, a service that distributed comic strips and columns to newspapers. Author of many bestselling books, such as Just Among Friends (1928), Better than Gold (1949), and The Great Little Things (1953).

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