Why does Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro Fail to Connect/Bind?

Resolve Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro connection issues effortlessly! Follow our comprehensive guide for seamless binding and troubleshooting. Elevate your fitness journey now.

10. Feb 2024
Why does Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro Fail to Connect/Bind?

The Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro is a reliable fitness companion, but occasional connection and binding issues may arise. Understanding the common problems and their solutions can ensure a seamless experience. Let's explore various scenarios and troubleshooting suggestions:

1. iOS Device Connection Failure - Solution

Step 1 - Open Mi Fitness app and check for normal connection.

Step 2 - Click the Connect button in Mi Fitness to attempt reconnection.

Step 3 - Ensure the device is connected to the phone's Bluetooth; if not, restart the band.

Step 4 - If issues persist, restart the band, restore to factory settings, and retry.

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2. Repeated Band Not Connecting After Factory Reset - Solution

Step 1 - Confirm if the device is listed in the phone's Bluetooth; if so, ignore it.

Step 2 - In Mi Fitness, retry pairing and confirm Bluetooth settings.

3. Android Background Permissions Issue - Solution

Step 1 - Avoid one-click memory cleaning in Android.

Step 2 - Keep Mi Fitness running in the background.

Step 3 - Enable background privileges during device pairing.

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4. Band Can't Search for Device After Factory Reset - Solution

Step 1 - Turn off and on the phone's Bluetooth.

Step 2 - Reject any pop-up box prompting connection from nearby phones.

5. Power Saving Mode Impact - Solution

Disable power-saving mode on the band or phone to ensure Bluetooth connectivity.

6. Bluetooth Disconnect During Binding - Solution

  • For iOS, if Bluetooth is turned off during binding, reopen Bluetooth and click "Retry" in Mi Fitness.
  • For Android, if Bluetooth is closed during binding, reopen Bluetooth, and click "Retry" in the app.


7. Phone Restart During Bonding - Solution 

If the phone is switched off during bonding, turn it on and rebind the band.

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8. Additional Connection Issues - Solution 

  • Restore the band to factory settings before the next binding.
  • For iOS, if the device unilaterally restores to factory, ignore the device in Bluetooth, and search for a new connection.
  • For Android, if the device is unilaterally restored, delete the device on the old phone, then search and connect with the new phone.


9. Band Not Connected After Unpairing - Solution

  • If the band is not connected after unpairing, ensure it is restored to factory settings in the app.
  • Restore the band to factory settings before attempting the next pairing.


10. iOS Bluetooth Connection with Unilateral Factory Reset - Solution

After a unilateral factory reset, iOS may attempt to reconnect. In this case, use the old phone to delete the device and search for a new connection with the new phone.

11. Android Bluetooth Connection with Unilateral Factory Reset - Solution

If the band unilaterally resets on Android, Mi Fitness app may prompt to "Delete" or "Add" the device. Choose "Delete this device" on the old phone and then search and connect with the new phone.

By following these troubleshooting steps and additional tips, you can address various connection issues with your Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro. Remember, a stable connection enhances the overall functionality of your fitness tracker, providing a seamless experience in monitoring your health and fitness activities. Stay connected, stay healthy!

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