Which Coding Language Should You Start with in 2024?

Discover the ideal programming language to kickstart your 2024 journey. Explore expert advice on selecting the best coding language to learn and excel.

7. Jan 2024
Which Coding Language Should You Start with in 2024?

Today, we are discussing the initiation of our coding journey within the year 2024. The first question that comes up when we want to start coding is: which coding language should we learn initially? There isn't a single "best" coding language, which is important to realize before getting into arguments on coding languages. It is not a certainty that studying a single language will make you ready for an internship, a job, or a project that requires developing a website, an app, a game, or machine learning.

The tech domain is made up of several fields, all of which need knowledge of different computer languages. It's important for novices to understand that being a software engineer requires more than just learning one programming language. We'll need to interact with a wide range of technological aspects during our careers, which calls for simultaneous fluency in several programming languages.

Understanding the Importance of Initial Programming Language Proficiency

Gaining proficiency in a first programming language paves the way for a smoother switch to other languages. Concentrating on this main language option is in line with certain professional objectives, such as software engineering specialty, website or app development, machine learning, data science, or placements. Nonetheless, mastery of Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) is still necessary in all of these fields, especially for code assessments and interviews.

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Tailoring Language Learning Based on Career Aspirations

For students pursuing degrees such as B.Tech, BCA, or BSc Computer Science aiming for software engineering careers, starting with Java or C++ in college curriculums is common. While individuals interested in developing iOS apps might want to look into Swift, those who lean toward web programming often start with JavaScript and HTML. Java and the newly-emerging Kotlin remain popular choices for Android users. Built on top of JavaScript, React Native is a popular option for developing cross-platform apps. In a similar vein, those who like game development frequently favor languages like C++ and C#.

Navigating Beyond Common Languages and Specialized Use Cases

The range of programming languages is not limited to the standard options such as Java or JavaScript; it also includes specialized languages that are tailored to particular sectors and requirements, such as Golang, C#, and Dart. Although these languages may not be applicable everywhere, they are important in particular fields or business IT stacks. Consequently, learning these languages usually corresponds more well with professional experience and employment needs, perhaps in a specialized industry or field.

Prioritizing a Strong Foundation and Clarifying Objectives

Having a solid grasp of one key programming language helps you learn new ones more quickly because the reasoning behind them is generally the same. While coding techniques may vary, the fundamental principles are frequently same across languages. More thought may be required to create an educated decision-making process if there is doubt about language preferences or professional goals.

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Career-Oriented Language Learning Suggestions for Students

When pursuing a B.Tech or BCA, it is advised to start with Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA), go on to Java or C++, and then move into web programming using JavaScript. But for individuals stepping out into the IT industry or similar fields, it could be more sensible to begin straight with web programming using JavaScript. In the end, mastering any programming language requires constant commitment and repetition. In order to ensure a constant growth in the tech career journey, it is imperative that you start as soon as possible and dedicate enough time to learning, practicing coding, and developing your skills.

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