WhatsApp working on Broadcast channel conversation

Get Ready for a More Streamlined and Efficient Messaging Experience with WhatsApp New Broadcast Channel Conversation and 12 Other Exciting Features.

14. May 2023
WhatsApp working on Broadcast channel conversation

Technology News Desk! On Android, a broadcast channel chat with 12 new features is being developed by Meta-owned WhatsApp.

The option to see channels is currently under development and will be made accessible to beta testers in a subsequent update to the app, claims WBeta Info. The business is planning to integrate a number of channel features after the channel's debut to improve the user experience.

Full-width message interfaces in conversations are among the features, according to the source, along with verification status, follower count, mute notification button, handles, genuine follower count, shortcuts, channel description, mute notification toggle, visibility status, privacy, and reporting.

According to the article, the features also show the company's dedication to giving consumers a broad selection of capabilities to discover and utilise and to making it simpler for users to comprehend and manage channels. makes it simple.

In the meanwhile, WhatsApp is developing a new feature for Android users called Admin Review that will provide group administrators tools to assist them better control their groups.

Members of the group will be able to report individual messages to the group admin once the option is activated.

When a member reports a communication as improper or violating the group rules, an admin has the option of deleting it from the group.



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