What should I do If Xiaomi TV appears Horizontal Lines?

Fix Xiaomi TV horizontal lines with expert troubleshooting. Connect to another source and seek after-sales support for swift resolution.

12. Feb 2024
What should I do If Xiaomi TV appears Horizontal Lines?

In the era of advanced technology, smart TVs have become an integral part of our homes, offering unparalleled entertainment experiences. However, encountering issues like horizontal lines on your Xiaomi TV can be a cause for concern. Before jumping to conclusions, it's essential to follow a systematic troubleshooting process to identify and resolve the problem. In this article, we'll explore the steps you can take if your Xiaomi TV displays those pesky horizontal lines.

1. Connect to Another Video Source

The first step in diagnosing the issue is to determine whether it's related to your Xiaomi TV's hardware or the video source itself. By connecting your TV to an alternate video source such as a TV box, gaming console, laptop, or any other compatible device, you can effectively rule out potential problems.

2. Observing the Results

After connecting to another video source, carefully observe whether the horizontal lines persist. If the lines disappear, it suggests that the problem may be associated with the original video source. In such cases, consider troubleshooting or replacing the cables, connectors, or devices connected to your Xiaomi TV.

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3. If Lines Persist

If the horizontal lines continue to plague your screen even with a different video source, it may indicate a hardware issue within your Xiaomi TV. This is the point where it's advisable to seek professional assistance from Xiaomi's after-sales support. Contacting the customer service or visiting an authorized service center will allow trained technicians to assess the situation and provide a solution tailored to your TV model.

4. Providing Details to After-Sales

When contacting after-sales support, it's crucial to provide detailed information about the issue, including when it started, any recent changes or updates, and the steps you've taken to troubleshoot. This information will assist the technicians in understanding the nature of the problem and expedite the resolution process.

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5. Potential Hardware Issues

Horizontal lines on a TV screen can be attributed to various hardware issues, such as a faulty display panel, defective internal components, or issues with the TV's circuitry. Diagnosing and repairing these components require technical expertise, making it imperative to rely on Xiaomi's after-sales service for a thorough assessment.

6. Warranty and Repair Options

If your Xiaomi TV is still under warranty, the after-sales support team will guide you through the warranty claim process. In case the warranty has expired, they will provide information on repair options, associated costs, and the estimated timeframe for resolving the issue.

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Encountering horizontal lines on your Xiaomi TV can be a frustrating experience, but a systematic approach to troubleshooting can help pinpoint the root cause. By connecting to an alternative video source and seeking assistance from after-sales support, you can navigate through the issue with confidence, ensuring that your smart TV continues to deliver the high-quality entertainment experiences Xiaomi is known for.

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