What should I do if the Xiaomi TV has only sound but no image?

Resolve Xiaomi TV sound-only, no image issue with our guide. From video decoding to hardware checks, regain a complete audiovisual experience effortlessly.

12. Feb 2024
What should I do if the Xiaomi TV has only sound but no image?

Experiencing sound without a picture on your Xiaomi TV? Dive into solutions to revive the visual charm of your entertainment.

1. Video Decoding Issues

If the TV struggles to decode video resources, install a third-party player on Xiaomi TV. It aids in decoding various video image files, potentially restoring the visual display.

2. System Update and Restart

Keep your TV up-to-date by installing the latest system updates. Afterward, restart the TV or consider restoring it to factory settings. This step ensures the software is optimized for seamless performance.

3. External Device Connection Check

When connected to an external device, ensure the interface is functional, and the connection line is secure. If the interface is faulty or the cable connection is loose, replacing them can often resolve the no-image issue.

4. Hardware Check and After-Sales Service

If the problem persists and points towards a hardware malfunction, it's time to reach out to after-sales service. Professionals can diagnose and address potential hardware issues for a comprehensive solution.

By systematically approaching these solutions, you can troubleshoot and potentially rectify the no-image issue on your Xiaomi TV. Whether it's a software tweak, cable replacement, or professional intervention, this guide empowers you to restore the complete audiovisual experience on your TV.

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