What Is The Spotify Car Thing? and Reviews

Spotify's Car Thing is made for your commute and fills your vehicle with music, news, entertainment, chat, and more.

2. May 2023
What Is The Spotify Car Thing? and Reviews

With 489M active members globally, Spotify is one of the most well-known music streaming services and a secure haven for musicians. Spotify has always showered more love and attention than anyone could have imagined, from creating custom, free playlists for customers to recommending multiple record labels.

One of the latest touchscreen vehicle streamers is the new automobile attachment "The Car Thing," which Spotify recently unveiled. a Bluetooth Spotify remote control for your phone that claims to add a touch screen to your outdated car dashboard and a direct Spotify music connection. Unfortunately, it does not directly connect to your car's system to assist with navigation or take calls, so you might need to add some of your local files to Spotify in order to listen to your favourite music.



What Is The Spotify Car Thing?

A Bluetooth-enabled music player called Spotify Car Thing aims to enhance your in-car listening experience. Another way to look at it is that this gadget can aid in reducing the urge to get a new vehicle. Or at the very least, move it down the road for a while. The $89.99 pricing of the Spotify Car Thing and its well-known name may seem like a reasonable middle ground when compared to the down payment on a modern vehicle.

How does Spotify Car Thing Work?

The Car Thing pairs with your phone, which must then be connected to your vehicle by an aux cable, USB, or Bluetooth. To set up Car Thing, simply plug it into the 12-volt socket in your car. We had no trouble setting up, incidentally. The controls are very easy to comprehend. If you don't want to just swipe and tap, a rotating dial and tiny back button are available on the right side of the 4.0-inch touchscreen to help you navigate. The 2.5-inch-tall Car Thing has four tiny, tab-like buttons that act as presets that may be changed. You might also use the "Hey, Spotify" command to find your favourite podcast, song, or artist.

How to Connect “Spotify  Car Thing”?

When you open the Car Thing, a 4-inch tiny smartphone is inside along with three alternative mounts to attach it to your car's dashboard, vent, or CD player. These mounts are a vent clip, a CD mount, and an adhesive mount. In order to link the Car Thing with the actual car, it also comes with an adaptor and a cable. Additionally, you receive a pamphlet in the box with a QR code that can be used to link your smartphone to the Car Thing.

Follow below steps to Connect Car Thing to your Car :

  • Connect the adaptor to the 12-volt socket beneath your car's dashboard.
  • Connect your connecting cable's USB-A port to the Car Thing and the USB-C port to the socket. Don't forget to attach USB-A to the screen's back.
  • Next, use your smartphone to scan the QR code on your pamphlet.
  • Your smartphone must be Bluetooth-connected to your vehicle.
  • Car Thing connects to your phone successfully and automatically as you start your vehicle.


Features On The Spotify Car Thing

Recent Car Thing improvements from Spotify for Apple iPhone users include controls for non-Spotify media and the capacity to take calls from the display. There is currently no timeline for when those practical functions will be made available to Android users. Another significant upgrade to the Spotify Car Thing is the ability to add songs to your listening queue whether you're using iOS or Android. Additionally, a night mode is coming.

The smartphone is now more helpful overall thanks to all of those positive upgrades. Even though we agree that a phone should handle "phone stuff," as suggested on Spotify's Car Thing website, these days "phone stuff" pretty much refers to everything. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto provide excellent all-around capability, even on 6.5- or 7.0-inch screens, to allow you safely listen to text messages, hear audio, navigate, and make phone calls.

Does The Spotify Car Thing Make Sense to Buy?

If your car doesn't support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, then none of that matters; at this point, the Spotify Car Thing starts to make more sense. The Spotify Car Thing should be appreciated by listeners of music and podcasts who aren't ready to purchase a new or upgraded secondhand car.

The Car Thing is a more sophisticated streaming option than a phone on a vent clip, so even though we think $89.99 is a tad expensive, Gold proposes bundling a couple months of Spotify Premium with every purchase. However, more people are purchasing newer vehicles every day that come equipped with phone mirroring technology built-in and simple voice commands, making it more difficult to recommend the Spotify Car Thing. But what if you're making every effort to avoid purchasing a new car at the exorbitant prices of today? The Spotify Car Thing is something to think about.

Spotify Car Thing Pros and Cons


  • Numerous Assisting Button
  • 4 Inch Beautiful Display
  • Simple and Easy to Operate
  • A navigation wheel for simple screen interaction



  • Little Expensive
  • Only Spotify Application
  • Thin in Size
  • No Map


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