What Is Spatial Bionic Sound? Know full Details

What Is Spatial Bionic Sound? What You Should Know About Immersive Sound Experience. You may experience sound without limitations using Spatial Bionic Audio.

6. Mar 2023
What Is Spatial Bionic Sound? Know full Details

A true audiophile understands the value of high-quality audio equipment. The audio system, after all, has the ability to enhance or detract from your musical mood. Nowadays, "immersive" is more than just a buzzword; it's an experience that people from all walks of life aspire to have. Why is music being forgotten?

What Is Spatial Bionic Sound? 

You may experience sound without limitations using Spatial Bionic Audio. You may activate this Dirac Virtuo-enabled audio solution with just a double-tap and experience yourself being transported into an entirely new world of immersive sound.

Some recently released wireless earphones, including the Rockerz Apex, have this feature. The innovative audio feature transports you to a thrilling, authentic sound environment. Spatial Bionic Sound offers a surround sound solution unlike anything you've ever experienced thanks to drivers that are specifically tuned for 3-dimensional accuracy!

With the most recent audio feature enabled by Dirac, any stereo sound may become an immersive audio experience with better sound quality. We're here to see how the integration alters the audio game, which has been seamlessly integrated in some of our most recent neck bands. Buy Boat Rockerz Apex



Spatialized Stereo

Audio equipment that support Spatial Bionic Sound make it appear as though the sound is coming from directly in front of the listener, as opposed to in the usual fashion. Regardless of the played content, this spatialization generates an immersive soundstage. Before to now, it was only possible with a select few high-end audio devices and only while playing particular spatial content.

Optimizing the Speaker

A semi-automatic filter minimises unwanted resonances to produce a clear and precise soundscape. The sound quality is excellent and competitive with the top-tier premium audio-wear in the market.

The Dirac Virtuo-enabled function enhances the Boat Signature Sound by allowing you to customise your sound with the highest degree of accuracy and precision. The tuning procedure only needs a simple double tap to be activated and works with the rest of the product line, including Active Noise Cancellation.

Simple Activation

A lifelike three-dimensional aural experience that is radically different from the conventional 2D surround solution is what the new audio revolution in audio is all about. The function makes sure that the listener is not just listening to music, but is also surrounded by it by adding depth to the sound. Spatial Bionic Sound elevates the experience of streaming music or a movie by correctly tuning and delivering sounds from all sides, making you feel as though you're actually there!

It's for whom?

For Gamers

Allow the gamer in you to immerse yourself in the world of gaming with Spatial Bionic Sound's immersive audio experience. You can now hear everything louder and more clearly than ever, from the sound of your moves to the clamour of your victories! This feature makes sure that you actively participate in the game rather than merely watching yourself play.

For Those who loves music

Spatial Bionic Sound is a godsend for individuals who can't help but locate and admire the unnoticed subtleties in their playlist. Be ready to be transferred to a completely different dimension by simply double tapping to activate it.

For Movie Lovers

Real movie buffs are aware that even the pauses between scenes need to be audible. With Spatial Bionic Sound, the audio fully surrounds you and comes to life, giving every streaming session a cinematic sensation.

Spatial Bionic Sound In Rockerz Apex

Wireless neckbands are all about immersive audio and more, with fine details, extra depth, precise tuning, and a lifelike experience. Every audiophile would concur that the wireless neckband is almost perfect when combined with the edgy design of Rockerz Apex. BoAt's characteristic sound is only enhanced by the huge 12mm drivers, which are backed by industry-leading immersive audio quality. This helps you to enjoy your music even more fully. Get Offer 



Every music shines out clearly and effortlessly thanks to perfectly calibrated and optimised sound. For every gamer, streamer, and music lover, Rockerz Apex's audio experience is a must-have! Rockerz Apex, the top neckband of 2023, also has BEAST Mode for low latency, which combined with spatial audio makes it the ideal option for gamers.


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