What Food do I Have to Give to 10 Days Old Puppy?

Discover how to nourish 10-day-old puppies with proper nutrition and care. Learn feeding techniques, frequency, warmth, and more for optimal health.

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17. Apr 2024
What Food do I Have to Give to 10 Days Old Puppy?

Welcoming a 10-day-old puppy into your care is a tender and rewarding experience. At this stage of early development, puppies are still highly dependent on proper nutrition for growth and health. Knowing what food to provide to a 10-day-old puppy is essential to ensure their well-being and vitality. Let's delve into a comprehensive feeding guide to nurture these young pups with the right nutrition.

1. Mother's Milk

Ideally, 10-day-old puppies should continue nursing from their mother if she is present and able to provide milk. Mother's milk is the optimal source of nutrition for newborn puppies, offering essential antibodies, nutrients, and hydration crucial for their growth and immune system development.

2. Supplemental Feeding

In cases where the mother is absent, unable to nurse, or if there are concerns about inadequate milk production, supplemental feeding may be necessary. Commercial puppy milk replacers formulated specifically for neonatal puppies can serve as an alternative source of nourishment.

3. Feeding Frequency and Volume

At 10 days old, puppies still have small stomachs and require frequent feedings to meet their nutritional needs. Aim to feed the puppies every 2-3 hours during the day, gradually increasing the interval between feedings as they grow older. The volume of formula per feeding typically ranges from 5 to 15 milliliters per ounce of body weight, divided into multiple small meals throughout the day.

4. Feeding Technique

Utilize a suitable feeding method such as a small syringe, puppy feeding bottle, or dropper to administer the formula to the puppies. Ensure the feeding equipment is clean and sterile to prevent contamination and infection. Hold the puppy in an upright position and feed them slowly, allowing them to swallow comfortably and minimize the risk of aspiration.

5. Warmth and Comfort

Maintain a warm and cozy environment for the 10-day-old puppies to promote their well-being and comfort. Provide a whelping box lined with soft bedding and maintain a temperature of around 85-90°F (29-32°C) using a heating pad or heat lamp. Monitor the puppies for signs of cold stress or overheating, adjusting the temperature as needed.

6. Hydration and Monitoring

Alongside feeding, ensure the puppies remain hydrated by offering them small amounts of water between feedings. Monitor their weight gain, hydration status, and overall health closely, noting any signs of lethargy, dehydration, or digestive issues. Regular monitoring allows for timely intervention and adjustments to their feeding regimen as necessary.

7. Consultation with a Veterinarian

If you're caring for 10-day-old puppies, it's advisable to seek guidance from a veterinarian. They can provide personalized advice on feeding techniques, formula selection, hydration, and overall puppy care. Regular veterinary check-ups help ensure the puppies are thriving and receiving the optimal nutrition for their stage of development.


In conclusion, providing appropriate nutrition is crucial for the health and well-being of 10-day-old newborn puppies. Whether nursing from their mother or receiving supplemental feeding, ensuring they receive adequate nourishment, hydration, warmth, and veterinary care sets the foundation for their growth and thriving journey into adulthood.

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