TRUEFREE T2 Wireless Earbuds Price, Specs and Reviews

TRUEFREE most selling earbuds brand launched new TRUEFREE T2 Open Ear Bluetooth v5.3 Wireless Earbuds. Check offer Price, full Specifications and Reviews

24. Jun 2023
TRUEFREE T2 Wireless Earbuds Price, Specs and Reviews

Truefree is a new and enthusiastic brand that was established in 2021. We concentrate on creating wireless earbuds with comfortable ergonomics and classic, minimalist designs.

The most recent Bluetooth technology is used in Truefree earbuds, resulting in a robust wireless connection and superior music quality. Additionally, they have a user-friendly design that offers consumers a convenient and pleasant experience. Additionally, Truefree places a high priority on product innovation, releasing fresh features and aesthetics on a regular basis to cater to the demands of various consumers.



TRUEFREE T2 Wireless Earbuds Features

AI-Enhanced Noise Cancellation for Clear Calls

The 4 microphones on the TRUEFREE T2 Bluetooth earphones work in conjunction with the AI ENC technology to accurately pick up your voice and block out background noise. When participating in conference calls, online courses, video/voice chat, live streaming, etc., be heard clearly.

Advanced Bluetooth v5.3 & Instant Pairing

TRUEFREE T2 wireless earbuds offer a quicker connection, reduced power usage, and a more consistent data transmission thanks to the most recent Bluetooth technology. Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and newer devices, including smart TVs, smartphones, and laptops. You can instantly connect them by opening the charging case, and you'll be immersed in excellent stereo sound.

Superior Sound & Comfortable Fit

The TRUEFREE T2 in-ear headphones provide an excellent feast for your ears with rich sound details, robust bass, calm mids and precisely carved treble. They have an integrated 10mm bio-compound diaphragm driver and a wide sound field. Better sealing and a more snug fit are ensured by the use of several ear tips (S/M/L). The 4g lightweight earbud's ergonomic shape and perfect fit make it ideal for long-hour pleasure.

50ms Game Mode & Smart Touch Control

The most recent technology is used by TRUEFREE T2 Bluetooth headphones to provide low latency in game mode and sound sync with the screen so you never miss a triumph. Switch music, control volume, activate Siri and Google Assistant, answer/hang up calls, and more with ease without touching your phone thanks to intuitive touchpad technology, which greatly reduces the strain on your ears when working.

23 Hours Playtime & Single/Twin Mode

With up to 6.5 hours of listening time on a single charge and more than 23 hours of battery life when used with the pocket-sized charging case, TRUEFREE T2 wireless headphones are designed to keep up with you. Either earbud may serve as the primary device for standalone use. Simply use them alternately to increase the listening time to 46 hours and put one back to enjoy the other exclusively. Excellent present for your birthday, anniversary, Ramadan, Eid, etc. as well as for your family and friends.

TRUEFREE T2 Wireless Earbuds Price

TRUEFREE T2 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Price starts from SAR 75 , you can buy TRUEFREE T2 Wireless Earbuds online at lowest price.

TRUEFREE T2 Wireless Earbuds Specifications

Model name TRUEFREE T2
Form factor In Ear
Connectivity technology Wireless
Wireless communication Bluetooth
Bluetooth Version Version 5.3
Playtime 23 Hours
Game Mode 50 ms
Waterproof Level
Driver Diameter 10mm
Special features Noise Cancellation, Lightweight
Included components Charging Case
Material Plastic
Noise control Sound Isolation
Weight 37.1 Grams


TRUEFREE T2 Wireless Earbuds Reviews

The earbuds are very comfortable on the ears. The sound quality is excellent and connectivity is quick. The case design in compact and easily fits in the pocket. The charging lasts long. 
Overall a great product with very less price.

TRUEFREE T2 Wireless Earbuds FAQs

How to Reset the Truefree T2 earbuds?

Step 1 - Place the earphones back into the charging case, and make sure they are correctly placed.

Step 2 - Keep the charging case lid open, and press and hold the button on the charging case for 10 seconds until the lights in the charging case flash white twice, and the reset is complete.

Step 3 - Close the charging case lid and re-open it, the earphones are activated.

How to pair the Truefree T2 earbuds to my device?

Step 1 - Turn on bluetooth on your device.

Step 2 - Open charging case and take out Earbuds from Case and check LED light blinking on earbuds.

Step 3 - From your device, in Bluetooth device list find Truefree T2 earbuds and tap on that. 

Step 4 - This process will connect earbuds to your device.

What's weight of each Truefree T2 earbud?

Each earbud of TRUEFREE T2 weight is 4 gram.


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