Top 5 YouTube Channels to Learn Data Science in Hindi Language

Discover the Top 5 Data Science YouTube Channels in Hindi! Unlock expert insights and accelerate your learning journey.

9. Feb 2024
Top 5 YouTube Channels to Learn Data Science in Hindi Language

Welcome to the realm of data science in Hindi! In this article, we unveil the Top 5 YouTube channels that are your gateway to mastering the intricacies of data science. Whether you're a beginner or seeking advanced insights, these channels deliver expert tutorials, real-world applications, and invaluable guidance in the Hindi language. Let's explore the world of data together, unraveling complexities and empowering your journey towards data science proficiency. Ready to embark on this enriching learning experience? Let's get started!

1. Apna College

Apna College, with 4.85M subscribers, is one of the best YouTube Channel to learn Data Science in Hindi Language. This channel created by Shradha, an Ex-Microsoft Software Engineer and DRDO alum, shares her inspiring journey from a Haryana village to tech success. Join her to master coding, land internships, and ace dream job offers. Embrace the power of skills with heartfelt guidance.

2. CodeWithHarry

Code With Harry is not just a YouTube channel; it's a learning journey with a community of 5.47M subscribers. Here, he strive to simplify the basics and intricate coding techniques, condensing what took him ages to grasp into short, digestible lessons. The channel is all about efficiency, delivering quick and to-the-point demos for every concept, accompanied by comprehensive resources. 

3. CodeBasics

CodeBasics, with 939K subscribers, is another best YouTube Channel to learn Data Science in Hindi Language. This channel created by Dhaval Patel, Founder of the online education platform and a co-founder of a software & data company called AtliQ Technologies (Ex. Bloomberg, NVIDIA). The goal of this channel is to make the BEST quality DATA education available to all for free. He has more than 12+ years of DATA INDUSTRY experience (mainly in the USA) and the co-founder of this channel Hemanand Vadivel has 6+ years of DATA INDUSTRY experience in Europe.  

4. GreatLearning

Explore a world of professional learning with Great Learning, Asia's leading platform boasting 816K subscribers. Offering top-notch programs in AI, Data Science, Cloud Computing, and more, our collaborations with global academic giants like Stanford GSB and MIT ensure excellence. With 101 million+ learning hours delivered and 5.9 million+ learners impacted across 170+ countries, Great Learning is dedicated to democratizing quality education.

5. Skillsiya

SkillSiya YT Channel with 731K subscribers, where their passion is empowering students and self-learners on their skill-building journey. Committed to their mission, they provide free, high-quality educational and informative videos designed to make learning accessible to everyone. Join them as they navigate the world of in-demand skills, fostering a community of lifelong learners. 


As we conclude our exploration of the Top 5 YouTube Channels for Learning Data Science in Hindi, remember that knowledge knows no bounds. Each channel in this curated list offers a unique perspective and wealth of insights. Whether you're delving into Python, machine learning, or data analytics, these resources stand ready to guide you. So, embrace the learning curve, celebrate every "Aha!" moment, and let these channels be your companions in the exciting world of data science. Happy learning, and may your data-driven journey be both fulfilling and transformative!

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