Top 5 Popular Languages for iOS App Development in 2024

Explore the top 5 languages for iOS app development. Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, React Native, and Xamarin - making the right choice for your project.

6. Oct 2023
Top 5 Popular Languages for iOS App Development in 2024

The iOS app development industry is thriving with millions of apps accessible on the App Store. Picking the best programming language for iOS development is essential, regardless of your level of experience or where you are in your career. To meet varied requirements and tastes, the iOS platform provides a range of languages. In this article, we will explore the top 5 popular languages for iOS app development in 2024 and discuss their key features.

1. Swift

Swift is Apple's preferred programming language for creating iOS applications. Swift was introduced in 2014, and since then, developers have flocked to it because of its cutting-edge syntax, solid performance, and safety features. Compared to Objective-C, it was intended to be quicker and more effective.

Key Features of Swift

  • Readable and expressive syntax that reduces the likelihood of coding errors.
  • Automatic memory management with ARC (Automatic Reference Counting).
  • Excellent performance, making it ideal for resource-intensive applications.
  • Seamless interoperability with Objective-C, allowing developers to leverage existing code.


Swift is the preferred language for creating iOS apps, according to Apple. It is always changing and has a promising future for developers who want to create robust, effective, and dependable iOS applications.

2. Objective-C

Objective-C is one of the oldest programming languages used for iOS app development. Even though it isn't as well-known as Swift, it is still widely used, particularly in older projects and libraries. Objective-C is still a useful talent in the business and is known to many seasoned iOS developers.

Key Features of Objective-C

  • Dynamic runtime, enabling features like method swizzling.
  • A rich set of libraries and frameworks.
  • Mature and stable with a large codebase in existing applications.
  • Seamless integration with C and C++.


For beginner iOS developers, Objective-C might not be their first option, but it's crucial for sustaining and expanding on already existing applications. A seamless transition between Swift and Objective-C is made possible by Swift's interoperability with both languages.

3. Kotlin (for iOS with Kotlin Multiplatform)

While Kotlin is primarily associated with Android app development, it has gained popularity on iOS through Kotlin Multiplatform. Kotlin Multiplatform allows developers to write shared business logic in Kotlin and use it on both iOS and Android platforms, reducing development time and effort.

Key Features of Kotlin (for iOS with Kotlin Multiplatform)

  • Code sharing between iOS and Android projects, leading to faster development.
  • A concise and expressive syntax, similar to Swift.
  • Strong type safety and null safety features.
  • Integration with popular iOS libraries and frameworks.


Kotlin Multiplatform is a fantastic option for businesses looking to retain cross-platform codebases while offering a native user experience on iOS and Android.

4. React Native (JavaScript)

Facebook developed the JavaScript-based React Native framework for the development of cross-platform mobile applications, including iOS. Even though it isn't a conventional programming language, its popularity and efficiency in producing iOS apps make it worthwhile to note.

Key Features of React Native

  • Code reusability across iOS and Android platforms.
  • A vast ecosystem of open-source libraries and components.
  • A large and active developer community.
  • Hot reloading for rapid development.


Web developers with JavaScript knowledge should choose React Native since it lets them use their talents to create iOS apps. In contrast, native programming using Swift or Objective-C could not offer the same degree of speed and integration.

5. C# (for iOS with Xamarin)

With the help of the cross-platform app development framework Xamarin, programmers can create native iOS applications using C# and the.NET framework. For those who are familiar with C#, it offers a comfortable development environment.

Key Features of C# (for iOS with Xamarin)

  • Code sharing across iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.
  • Access to the extensive .NET libraries and tools.
  • Native-like performance and user experience.
  • Integration with Visual Studio for seamless development.


Businesses who wish to retain a single codebase for many platforms and guarantee native-like performance on iOS should consider Xamarin.


In conclusion, The best programming language to choose for creating iOS apps will rely on a number of things, including your background, the needs of the project, and the composition of the development team. The majority of iOS developers continue to choose Swift due to its cutting-edge capabilities and Apple's sponsorship. However, some languages, like as Objective-C, Kotlin (with Kotlin Multiplatform), React Native, and C# (with Xamarin), have special benefits that make them appropriate for particular use cases. The requirements of your project and the level of experience on your team will ultimately determine the ideal language for iOS app development.


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