Top 5 New Crazy Android Apps You Must Use in 2024

Unleash the power of AI with these Top 5 mind-blowing Android apps that will transform your smartphone experience in 2024.

24. Nov 2023
Top 5 New Crazy Android Apps You Must Use in 2024

Get ready for a wave of amazing Android apps that'll change how you use your phone in 2024. These apps range from smart keyboards using AI to virtual train simulators that'll leave you awestruck. These apps are the future of mobile tech. They're not just about being cool but also about making life easier. Whether you want a super-efficient keyboard, a platform for telling stories, or just something fun to relax with, these apps have it all.

These apps will turn your Android phone into something incredible. They're a mix of fun and usefulness, where you can be entertained while getting things done. Get ready to dive into a whole new world of smartphone possibilities with these amazing apps!

1. PairDrop App

PairDrop is a cool app that helps you share files between your gadgets using local file-sharing tricks. It's built from Snapdrop, an open-source tool that works in your web browser and runs on any device – Android, Linux, Windows, Mac, or iOS.

It's like having an AirDrop alternative that works everywhere! You can send stuff like pictures, documents, or text directly between devices connected to the same Wi-Fi or nearby paired gadgets. It's quick, safe, and super simple to use.

Size  - 4.7 MB

Rating - 3.4

2. Touch The Notch App

Touch The Notch is a neat app that turns your phone's notch or cutout into a handy shortcut button for different tasks. You get to decide what each gesture does – whether it's taking a quick screenshot, turning on the flashlight, launching the camera, or playing your favorite tunes.

It's totally free and works on Android phones that have a notch or a punch-hole camera. You can grab it from the Google Play Store or check out their website for more details. This app is built on the open-source Snapdrop project, available on GitHub for anyone to explore.

Size  - 1.4 MB

Rating - 4.7

3. Buz - Buz me Now App

Buz - Buz me now! is an app that allows you to send voice messages without needing to unlock your phone. It's just like using a walkie-talkie, making it easy to chat without typing. Plus, you can also share texts and images using Buz.

It's free and works on any device. You can get it from the Google Play Store or use it straight from your web browser. If you're curious about how it works behind the scenes, you can even peek at its source code on GitHub. This app keeps things simple – it's all about direct communication. It's focused on making talking to people super easy and quick.

Size  - 33 MB

Rating - 4.3 

4. Standby Mode Pro App

"Standby mode pro" is an app that transforms your phone or tablet into a clever display while it's charging up. It's loaded with cool stuff like widgets, night mode, a music player, photo clock, weather updates, timers, and more.

This app takes inspiration from iOS standby mode, sporting a sleek design and smooth animations. You can get it from the Google Play Store or use it right in your web browser. And if you're curious about its inner workings, you can peek at its source code on GitHub. It's a fantastic tool to make your device more practical and stylish when it's plugged in and charging.

Size  - 8.2 MB

Rating - 4.4 

5. One4Wall App

The One4Wall App is all about wallpapers! You can explore tons of cool wallpapers in its library or get creative and craft your very own custom ones. It's an awesome tool to make your phone look unique and find ideas for your own creative ventures. You can get it from the Google Play Store or use it right in your web browser. 

Size  - 5.3 MB

Rating - 4.5 


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