Top 5 Call Recording Apps for Smartphones in 2024

Discover the best call recording apps for mobile phones, ensuring enhanced communication and useful documentation. Record and save important conversations.

20. Jun 2023
Top 5 Call Recording Apps for Smartphones in 2024

Call recordings are popular today, and users of all types of phones desire to have the greatest call recording apps on their smartphones. Despite the fact that many phones have built-in recording features, many others do not. Therefore, here is your solution if you have one of those phones without call recording features.

Previously, installing call recording applications was optional. But now that working from home or studying from home is the new standard, things have started to change. In order to better understand things, individuals also strive to interact with others during phone conversations. But what if you omitted some crucial details? Imagine speaking on the phone with a prospective customer to learn more about their company. Additionally to making notes and asking queries. What if you miss some important discussions or issues here? The opposite side might not think highly of you if you do this. Call recorders are a terrific tool for dealing with any such issues.

In this article, we'll look at some of the top call recording applications for smartphones, which give consumers better communication and documentation options.

Top 5 Call Recording Apps in 2024

1. Automatic Call Recorder

2. All Call Recorder

3. Call Recorder

4. Parrot Voice Recorder

5. Call Recorder - Cube ACR


1. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is a well-known call recording programme praised for its ease of use and rich feature set. By providing automated call recording, customers may easily record and preserve all incoming and outgoing calls.



ACR offers tools for managing and organising recorded calls together with support for a number of audio formats. Users looking for a dependable call recording solution frequently choose ACR due to its user-friendly settings and simple user interface.

2. All Call Recorder

One of the most popular call recording app is "All Call Recorder". You may automatically record and preserve every phone call you desire while utilising a call recorder automatic. You may choose which calls are recorded and added to a white list, and which ones are not.




  • Call Recorder Save only the recordings that are important
  • Extra fine quality of recordings
  • Fully customizable Call recording functionality
  • Shake and call record functionality


3. Call Recorder

Using Call Recorder Apss  to record calls, you can feel the advantages of a high quality recording application in compare with another recording app in Google Play market. 

Call Recorder


  • Automatically record incoming and outgoing calls
  • Accurate identification of caller phone numbers
  • Listen to the recordings again
  • Add favorite recordings
  • Easily share or delete recordings
  • Set to automatically delete the recording after a certain period of time
  • Change audio channel (mono or stereo), bit rate, sampling frequency
  • Protect the recordings with a PIN


4. Parrot Voice Recorder

Only Android-powered smartphones and tablets may use the Parrot Voice Recorder app. However, their usefulness is extensive. You may add the phone numbers you need to expressly record under Record phone calls > Contact name. If a number is not added to your phone, you can start recording yourself using a prompt. Do you know what planned recording is? If not, this software has a fantastic function that only requires you to enter the day and time you wish to begin recording. It looks after it. This is particularly helpful for daily meetings if you are aware of the times. It prevents any potential misses.



This platform enables you to save a backup on your Google Drive or Dropbox, much as other call recording apps. This software has you covered; just select your preferred theme and connect it to other Android devices! It also functions as a dictaphone and is ideal for recording HD versions of one's own notes or singing.

5. Call Recorder - Cube ACR

Another well-known call recording app with cutting-edge capabilities is Cube ACR. It allows users to record conversations from multiple communication platforms in high-quality for both VoIP and cellular calls.



Cloud storage integration, transcription services, and programmable recording settings are just a few of the distinctive features offered by Cube ACR. Additionally, it has a powerful search feature that makes it simple to find particular recorded calls.

Call recorder with the most cutting-edge technology. records VoIP and phone calls. supports call recording on the majority of Android-powered handsets. Try Call Recorder - Cube ACR if you have already tried to record calls using other call recording software and were not satisfied with the outcome. It simply works the best.


Call Recording Apps have evolved into essential tools for efficient documentation and collaboration. Automatic Call Recorder, Cube ACR, Rev Call Recorder, TapeACall Pro, and Boldbeast Call Recorder are just a few of the featured programmes that provide a variety of features and functionality to meet the demands of various users. These applications offer a seamless experience that enables users to record, preserve, and manage significant phone calls, whether for personal or commercial usage. Select the application that best meets your needs to improve communication while guaranteeing thorough documentation.


How do call recording apps work?

Call Recording Apps use the microphone on your phone to record audio during phone calls. Typically, they operate by passing the incoming or outgoing call via the app, enabling it to capture the dialogue in real-time. The audio is then digitally stored on your device as a file for later use.

Are call recording apps legal?

Depending on the country you are in, call recording applications may or may not be legal. With the cooperation of all participants, recording phone calls is permitted in several nations or states. But in certain places, it could be against the law to record calls without everyone's permission. Before using such applications, it is important to familiarise oneself with the rules and legislation governing call recording in your particular region.

Can I record both incoming and outgoing calls with these apps?

Yes, you may record both incoming and outgoing calls using the majority of call recording programmes. They provide you the choice to manually start and stop recording during a call or give you the option to allow automatic recording for all calls. It's crucial to remember that some applications could have restrictions or unique settings for recording particular call types, such VoIP calls.

How can I access and manage the recorded calls?

Call Recording Apps frequently offer a simple user interface that lets you access and manage your calls. A list of recorded calls that is sorted by date or other factors may be found inside the programme. The recordings may sometimes be shared by email or other messaging services, and you can listen to them, remove those that you don't want to keep, add comments or labels for better organisation, and so on. In order to provide convenience and security, several applications now give you the option to sync or backup your recordings with cloud storage services.

Can call recording apps transcribe recorded calls into text?

As an added function, some call recording applications include transcription services. These apps turn recorded calls into text using voice recognition technologies. Without listening to the complete tape, transcription can be especially helpful for rapidly referring or revisiting significant exchanges. It's important to remember that transcribing accuracy might vary based on the app and audio quality.

Are these call recording apps available for both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, a lot of call recording applications work with both iOS and Android smartphones. To make sure the app works with your mobile operating system, it's best to verify the compatibility requirements before downloading or making a purchase.

Can call recording apps be used for legal or professional purposes?

Yes, Call Recording apps may be used for legal and business objectives. Businesses frequently use them for record-keeping, quality control, and documentation needs. Apps for call recording can be used by lawyers to preserve evidence or as a reference during court cases. However, it is crucial to abide by local rules and ordinances surrounding call recording and to make sure that all parties are informed and provide consent, where needed.

Are there any limitations or restrictions with call recording apps?

While call recording applications offer useful features, there could be certain constraints or limitations to take into account. Choose an app that meets your unique demands because some applications may have restrictions on call length or file size. Additionally, not all mobile phone operating systems or models are compatible with all apps. Before utilising a call recording app, it is advised to read the programme's description, reviews, and specs to confirm compatibility and comprehend any potential limits.

Do call recording apps consume a lot of storage space on the device?

Call recording apps' storage requirements vary depending on a variety of variables, including the number and length of recorded calls, the audio quality settings, and the compression technique the app employs. Longer, higher-quality recordings will take up more storage space. To optimise storage consumption, several programmes include choices to change recording settings. To save up space on your device, you may routinely erase pointless recordings or move them to external storage or cloud storage services.

Can I use call recording apps to record specific contacts or numbers?

Selective call recording is a feature offered by several call recording applications. The settings of the programme often allow you to select which contacts or phone numbers should be automatically recorded while ignoring others. If you just need to record calls with select people or for particular reasons while keeping other conversations private, this function may be really helpful.

Are there any privacy or security concerns associated with call recording apps?

When using call recording applications, privacy and security issues must be taken into consideration. In order to reduce the danger of malware or data breaches, it is essential to select reliable programmes from reliable sources. Additionally, be aware of the delicate nature of recorded communications and make sure you abide by any privacy laws and regulations that may be in force. To reduce privacy and security threats, secure your device with a strong password, use encryption where it's possible, and use caution when sharing or transferring recorded calls.

Are call recordings admissible as evidence in legal proceedings?

Call recordings may or may not be admissible as evidence in court depending on a number of variables, including local legislation, the facts of the case, and the judge's judgement. Call recordings may be used as evidence in some circumstances provided they satisfy specific standards, such as being verified, correctly portraying the discussion, and adhering to any applicable legal restrictions. It is essential to speak with legal experts or ask for advice from local authorities to see whether phone records are admissible in your particular area.

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