Top 20 OnlyFans Earners in 2024 and How Much They Earn

Depending on fame and substance, OnlyFans highest earners can make millions of dollars. Most of them are famous British and American people. Learn more about them.

3. Jun 2023
Top 20 OnlyFans Earners in 2024 and How Much They Earn

A platform for content subscription services called OnlyFans has been operational since 2016. It enables content providers to exclusively share blog posts, live broadcasts, videos, and other media with their audience.

As more actors, artists, models, and other celebrities joined OnlyFans in 2020, its popularity soared. OnlyFans has had over 400 million visits from only the United States, and this figure is steadily rising, according to Statista.

The constancy of the inventors who have been making good money from it is the cause for its appeal. Additionally, you may locate your favourite creator using the top search options on OnlyFans.

1. Blac Chyna USD 20 million/month

Blac Chyna


The highest-paid OnlyFans creator is Angelina Renee White, aka Blac Chyna. She is a model, entrepreneur, and reality TV star from the United States. OnlyFans subscribers may view the 150 or so photographs on her page. From her 16.2 million subscribers, who each pay $19.99 a month, Chyna earns $20 million every month. 

2. Bella Thorne USD 11 million/month

Bella Thorne


Within 24 hours of joining up on the platform, Bella (an American actress, model, writer, and singer) made a million dollars. Her 24.3 million subscribers, who each paid $9.99/month, contributed a total of $11 million per month. The celebrity's page does not post nudity, and the subscription is now for free. 

3. Cardi B USD 9.5 million/month

Cardi B


Cardi B, an American rapper, only published six posts on her account before she rose to the top earning position. She is also one of the top OnlyFans producers with 81.7 million followers and an estimated $9.5 million in monthly app revenue. Only $4.99 is paid monthly by each follower.

4. Tyga USD 7.69 million/month



Tyga, an American rapper with 21.8 million followers, cancelled his account to start a platform for contests called Myystar. For a $20 monthly subscription fee, he would make available exclusive images, videos, and more from the making of his music album.

5. Mia Khalifa USD 6.4 million/month

Mia Khalifa


A former webcam model and actor for adult content, Mia is a Lebanese-American media figure. According to OnlyFans, she has 22.7 million fans. Her monthly total at $12.99 works out to roughly $6.42 million. For three, six, and twelve-month customers, she further offers savings of 10%, 15%, and 35%, respectively.

6. Erica Mena USD 4.49 million/month

Erica Mena


After marketing her OnlyFans account on Instagram, American television personality Erica Mena, a former model, and a former video vixen, acquired 5.3 million. With a $25.99 monthly subscription charge, the celebrity receives nearly $4.49 million per month. 

7. Bhad Bhabie USD 4.33 million/month

Bhad Bhabie


As an OnlyFans creator, Bhad Bhabie made 52 million USD in his first year of work and now brings in roughly $4.33 million every month. She is becoming more well-known every day, and she will undoubtedly be able to profit more from this platform. From her 16 million subscribers, who each pay $23.99 a month, Bhad Bhabie earns $4.43 million every month. 

8. Gemma McCourt USD 2.3 million/month

Gemma McCourt


With an annual income of £21.3 million (more than $28 million), Gemma McCourt is one of the most well-liked OnlyFans accounts. It indicates that the account owner, a model with black hair, earns more than $2.3 million per month. Over a million people pay her $30 every month in subscription fees. 

9. Pia Mia USD 2.22 million/month

Pia Mia


American singer, dancer, and actress Pia Mia Perez generates roughly $2.22 million every month from her page. Each of her 6.2 million fans pays a $10 monthly subscription fee. 

10. Safaree Samuels USD 1.91 million/month

Safaree Samuels


On Onlyfans, Safaree Lloyd Samuels, a Jamaican-American rapper, songwriter, businessperson, and TV host, has 3.2 million fans. Since each user pays $15 per month to see pornographic content, he receives almost $1.91 million per month. 

11. Mila Mondell USD 1.5 million/month

Mila Mondell


The British girl earns £13.4 million from her account, or around $18 million yearly and $1.5 million monthly. The model, who is of average height, possesses innate attractiveness. She charges her 1.1 million subscribers a $20 million monthly membership fee and offers discounts of 5% and 15% for payments made over the course of six and twelve months, respectively.

12. Belle Delphine USD 1.2 million/month

Belle Delphine


The monthly subscription fees for Belle's account is $35. She receives $1.2 million through the platform each month. English actress, model, and YouTuber Mary-Belle Kirschner was born in South Africa. 

13. Megan Barton Hanson $1.06 million/month

Megan Barton


Because of her work on Love Island, the model and actress rose to fame. She updates her account with explicit, erotic, and spicy stuff. The $24.99 per month (or $1.06 million) that Megan's 1.7 million fans pay. 

14. Casanova USD 1.05 million/month



On the platform, American rapper Caswell Senior (better known by his stage name Casanova) is also succeeding. By charging a $25 subscription fee each month, he earns around $1.05 million. Don't Run, Casanova's first song, was made available in 2016. 

15. Brie Nightwood USD 917k/month

Brie Nightwood


Brienightwood makes approximately $11 million a year, or roughly $917k per month, from her OnlyFans profits of £8.5 million. The Instagram account of the social media star is also performing well. The OnlyFans fee for the Las Vegas lady is $15 per month, and she has 447k Instagram followers. 

16. Jem Wolfie USD 900k/month

Jem Wolfie


Jem has 105k OnlyFans followers and is a fitness influencer. She earns almost $900,000 every month thanks to her $5 monthly charge. This indicates that Jem makes almost $30k every day from her account. She is an Australian model, social media influencer, and fitness trainer. 

17. Mrs. Robinson USD 617k/month

Mrs. Robinson


The monthly cost for the Mrs. Robinson account is $14.99. Former teacher, PTA president, and software executive describe the America content producer. She earns £5.6 per year, which is almost $617,00 per month and $7.4 million per year. 

18. Aaron Carter USD 500k/month

Aaron Carter


$20 a month in subscription fees adds up to nearly $500k a month in income for Aaron Charles Carter. He is an accomplished musician, actor, dancer, rapper, vocalist, and record producer who is also African-American.

19. Nikocado Avocado USD 500k/month

Nikocado Avocado


Nikocado shares a lot of personal content on his OnlyFans account, in addition to culinary tutorials, only-to-only-Fans mukbang films, and a few intimate scenes with his spouse Orlin Home. Due to his exceptional originality and captivating material, which has enabled him to make almost half a million each month, his OnlyFans account has grown and become increasingly popular. From his 1600 subscribers, who each pay $14.99 a month, Nikocado earns $500k every month.

20. Mia Malkova USD 200k/month

Mia Malkova


On OnlyFans, Mia Malkova is a very well-liked former award-winning American porn performer. Given that she frequently works with other adult celebrities, her content is undoubtedly sensual and sexually explicit.

Mia is well-known for sharing unique material and engaging with her followers. She can also cater to a variety of audiences, which helps her make roughly $200k each month via OnlyFans. From her 2 million subscribers, who each pay $9.99 a month, Mia earns $200k every month.

According to their monthly profits, these are OnlyFans' top earners. The majority of them began using the site in 2020, and since then, OnlyFans has given the creators more than $2 billion!

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