Top 20 Ideas to Fit Appliances in Small Kitchens

Maximize space in your small kitchen with these tips to fit appliances efficiently. Utilize vertical space, consider compact options, and prioritize needs.

6. Jul 2023
Top 20 Ideas to Fit Appliances in Small Kitchens

Having limited space is a common problem for many homeowners, especially those who live in urban areas or small homes. Finding acceptable appliance solutions that fit neatly into these constrained spaces can be a challenging endeavour. However, with the appropriate planning and tactics, you may maximise your space without sacrificing either usefulness or aesthetics.

Keep clutter off countertops whether your kitchen has limited counter space or you simply don't want to overload its surfaces. After all, fewer clutter leaves more space for meal preparation, baking, or cooking. Small appliances are one source of countertop clutter. While some devices, like your coffee machine, should be kept out because of frequent use, many appliances may be neatly stored away and ready for use when needed. To keep your kitchen counters clear so you can concentrate on your culinary abilities, use the following suggestions for small appliance storage.

Top 20 Ideas to Fit Appliances in Small Kitchens

1. Assess your needs - Determine which appliances are important and which ones you use most frequently, then order them in the kitchen.

2. Measure the available space - Measure every aspect of your kitchen, including the size of the walls, cabinets, and counters. This will enable you to choose the correct appliance size.

3. Consider multi-functional appliances - Look for multipurpose equipment, such as a washer/dryer combination or a microwave with a built-in convection oven. By minimising the number of different appliances, this can aid with space savings.

4. Opt for compact appliances - Look for appliances that are smaller in size and created especially for compact kitchens. Compact versions of refrigerators, dishwashers, and stoves are available from many manufacturers, and they are made to fit into small areas without sacrificing functionality.

5. Utilize vertical space - To store smaller equipment like blenders, toasters, or coffee makers, install shelves or wall-mounted cupboards. This conserves significant countertop space while keeping them immediately accessible.

6. Use cabinet organizers - To maximise storage effectiveness, add organisers to your cupboards and drawers. By doing this, you can neatly store gadgets like food processors, mixers, and other appliances without clogging up your counter space.

7. Consider under-counter appliances - Consider under-counter appliances like under-counter refrigerators, dishwashers, or microwaves if you're short on room. Because of how easily these appliances fit into your cabinets, your counters are free.

8. Explore built-in options - For compact kitchens, built-in appliances might be a fantastic option. A built-in refrigerator blends in perfectly with the cabinetry, while a built-in oven and hob combo can free up important counter space.

9. Downsize when necessary - Determine whether you can get by with smaller appliances. For instance, a two-burner hob or a smaller dishwasher may be adequate for your needs, giving you extra counter space.

10. Consider portable appliances - Portable appliances can be a temporary solution if space is at a premium. When not in use, these appliances may be conveniently tucked away, freeing up counter space.

11. Use the top of the appliances - Think about utilising your appliances' top surfaces as additional work area. When your dishwasher or washing machine isn't in use, set a chopping board or a tray on top of them.

12. Install a wall-mounted pot rack - Install a wall-mounted pot rack in place of putting your pots and pans in cupboards or drawers. This not only frees up cupboard space but also gives your kitchen a stylish touch.

13. Opt for slim-profile appliances - Consider buying appliances with a thin profile or smaller proportions. For instance, there are appliances like stoves, dishwashers, and refrigerators that can fit into small places without affecting their functioning.

14. Use pull-out or slide-out features - To make it simpler to access your appliances, install shelves or drawers in your cabinets that slide out or retract. With the help of these characteristics, you may keep appliances hidden away in the cabinet and pull them out when you need them.

15. Utilize the space above cabinets - Put unused appliances or goods in beautiful baskets or bins and store them there if there is a space between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling.

16. Opt for a microwave range hood - If your kitchen requires a range hood, you might want to look into purchasing a microwave with a built-in range hood. By doing away with the necessity for a separate microwave on the countertop, this combination conserves room.

17. Hang appliances on the wall - Install hooks or a wall-mounted organiser to hang lightweight gadgets like blenders and coffee machines on the wall. This not only frees up counter space but also gives your kitchen a beautiful touch.

18. Invest in stackable or nesting appliances - Be on the lookout for appliances that may stack or nest when not in use. To save on storage space, some blenders, for instance, include miniature blending cups that may be nestled inside the main jar.

19. Consider a compact sink - To minimise counter space in an exceedingly small kitchen, choose a small sink. Smaller sinks are available that are nonetheless functional and take up less room.

20. Keep countertops clutter-free - Finally, develop the practise of keeping your countertops clean. To have a tidy and organised workspace, store appliances that are not commonly used in cabinets or other storage spaces.

Keep in mind to constantly clear your little kitchen and only keep the equipment and appliances you truly need there. To make the most of your available space, evaluate your demands, take into account multipurpose choices, and investigate innovative storage options. You can fit appliances in a tiny kitchen and keep them functional and effective with careful planning and wise decisions.

How can I make the most of limited counter space in a small kitchen?

To make the most of limited counter space in a small kitchen, consider the following tips -

Prioritize Essential Items - Only leave the tools and appliances that you use the most often out on the counter. Infrequently used goods should be stored or concealed elsewhere.

Utilize Wall Space - You can hang and store utensils, pots, pans, and commonly used spices on the walls by installing shelves, racks, or magnetic strips. This frees up counter space and keeps necessities close at hand.

Use Vertical Storage - Invest in vertical storage options that make the most of space from floor to ceiling, such as standalone shelf units or hanging racks. You can store things like cutting boards, bakeware, or small appliances in this way.

Opt for Compact Appliances - Think about small versions of typical kitchen appliances. Compact microwaves, toaster ovens, or coffee makers can be effective while saving crucial counter space.

Utilize Cabinet Doors and Walls - Hang measuring spoons, oven mitts, and other small equipment from the inside of cabinet doors using hooks, racks, or magnetic organisers. For lightweight goods like cups or towels, use wall-mounted adhesive hooks or racks.

Invest in Multi-Functional Tools - Choose cooking utensils with numerous uses that are multifunctional. For instance, a blender that can also be used as a food processor or a stand mixer that has different attachments. As a result, fewer appliances are needed.

Organize with Containers and Dividers - To keep things organised in cabinets and drawers, use stackable containers, baskets, or dividers. As a result, storage space is maximised and objects are easy to find and access.

Create Foldable or Collapsible Solutions - Look for products that can be folded or collapsed, such as colanders, dish drying racks, and chopping boards. When not in use, these can be conveniently stowed, reducing clutter.

Maximize Under-Sink Storage - Use shelving units, sliding drawers or stackable bins to make use of the space under the sink. Cleaning materials, dish cloths, or more pantry goods can be kept in this.

Clear and Clean as You Go - Make it a practise to clean up and clear the counter while you cook. This promotes a clean workspace by preventing the accumulation of unneeded clutter.

Remember that the secret is to utilise space effectively and neatly. Consider your demands and the layout of your kitchen as you look for the best storage options. Even a small kitchen may be useful and clutter-free with good organisation and space utilisation.

Are there compact versions of common kitchen appliances available?

Yes, there are compact versions of standard kitchen appliances that are made expressly for kitchens with limited space or for use on small countertops. Here are a few instances -

Compact Microwaves - These are smaller than conventional microwaves but yet provide the same basic functions. They offer practical cooking and reheating options while being built to fit in small places.

Mini Fridges - These mini refrigerators are perfect for apartments, dormitories, and offices. Despite having a smaller footprint than standard refrigerators, they nonetheless provide enough room for perishables.

Countertop Dishwashers - Countertop dishwashers are an excellent option if you don't have enough space for a full-sized dishwasher. They are more compact and made to sit on your countertop, yet they still have effective dishwashing capabilities.

Compact Coffee Makers - For coffee enthusiasts with little counter space, these tiny coffee makers are ideal. They can be single-serve pod machines or small drip coffee makers, among other types.

Mini Food Processors - Small kitchens can use these food processors' tiny variants. Although they have a smaller bowl capacity and a more compact shape, they provide identical functions.

Compact Blenders - Compact blenders are ideal for preparing smoothies, sauces, or soups in a small space because they have smaller pitchers and a streamlined footprint.

Mini Toaster Ovens - These more compact toaster ovens work great for warming leftovers, baking small dishes, and toasting bread. Although they are smaller than conventional ovens, they nonetheless offer a variety of cooking alternatives.

Look for products particularly marked as compact or made for tiny spaces while shopping for kitchen appliances. These appliances are a useful alternative for small kitchen spaces because they are made to provide comparable functionality while using up less counter space.

What are some creative storage solutions for small kitchen appliances?

When dealing with limited space in a small kitchen, it's important to get creative with storage solutions for small appliances. Here are some ideas -

Appliance Garage - To establish a "appliance garage" where you can keep smaller appliances like toasters, blenders, or stand mixers, install a special cabinet or a retractable door. This keeps them hidden but also makes them simple to find when needed.

Pull-Out Shelves or Drawers - To make it simpler to access and store appliances, add pull-out shelves or drawers to your cabinets. To maximise storage, these shelves may be adjusted to meet the size of your appliances.

Rolling Carts - To store small appliances, use a rolling cart or kitchen trolley with shelves or drawers. These carts may be moved around as necessary and, when needed, add more counter space.

Wall-Mounted Racks or Pegboards - To hang smaller appliances, install wall-mounted racks or pegboards with hooks. This frees up counter space while still keeping things organised.

Undershelf Baskets - To add additional storage for smaller appliances, attach undershelf baskets to the underneath of your cabinets. Items like coffee makers, blenders, and portable mixers can be stored in these baskets.

Corner Shelving - Installing corner shelf units will help you make advantage of the frequently underused corner area. These may be especially created to fit more compact appliances, effectively utilising the available space.

Overhead Storage - Larger appliances that are used seldom can be stored by hanging a robust pot rack or hooks from the ceiling. In addition to keeping appliances accessible, this frees up cupboard and counter space.

Appliance Lifts - A possible installation in your cabinets would be appliance lifts. You can easily raise and lower tiny equipment like mixers or coffee makers thanks to these devices. This makes them easier to store while not in use.

Magnetic Strips - To keep metal objects like knives, scissors, or spice jars organised, attach magnetic strips to the interior of cabinet doors or walls. This keeps things close at hand and conserves drawer space.

Utilize Oven Space - Consider keeping smaller appliances inside your oven when it's not in use. Just remember to take them out of the oven before preheating or using it.

Consider your particular kitchen layout while looking for solutions, making sure they best suit your demands and the space you have available. You may effectively store your tiny kitchen appliances while keeping your counter space clutter-free by using several storage solutions and using creative thinking.

Can I use wall space to store appliances in a small kitchen?

Yes, utilizing wall space is a fantastic way to store appliances in a small kitchen. Here are a few ideas -

Wall-mounted Shelves - To hold small appliances like blenders, toasters, or coffee makers, mount robust shelves on the walls. Select shelves that can support the weight of the appliances and have the proper depth.

Pegboards - To hold your appliances, hang a pegboard from the wall and add hooks or pegs. You may reposition the hooks to accommodate various appliances, allowing for versatile and individualised storage.

Magnetic Strips - Use magnetic strips mounted on the wall to hold objects made of metal, such as knives or measuring spoons. This conserves drawer space while keeping them accessible.

Hanging Racks or Rails - Install rails or hanging racks on the wall to handle larger appliances like cutting boards or cookware sets as well as pots and pans. This not only frees up counter space but also gives your kitchen a beautiful touch.

Wall-mounted Cabinets - To store appliances, think about putting in wall-mounted cabinets with doors. This conceals them and offers additional storage without taking up important counter space.

Appliance Garages - Install cupboards or retractable doors on the wall to create appliance garages. Small appliances like mixers, blenders, and food processors can be stored in these garages and kept out of sight while not in use.

Always make sure the manner of wall storage you choose is safe, especially for larger items. To ensure stability and safety, use the right hardware and installation methods. You can maximise storage in your small kitchen and maintain a clean, functional countertop by making good use of the wall space.


In conclusion, a small kitchen demands careful design and space utilisation in order to fit appliances. You can maximise the functionality of your kitchen while maximising the available space by prioritising your demands, taking into account compact and multi-functional options, utilising vertical and under-counter space, and utilising inventive storage solutions. To design a compact kitchen that is organised and practical, bear in mind to measure carefully, consider alternative equipment sizes, and keep your countertops clear of clutter.


How do I organize a small kitchen?

The first step in organising a small kitchen is to declutter and get rid of anything extraneous. Make use of vertical space by mounting shelves or racks on the wall. To keep utensils and equipment organised, use drawer dividers and organisers. Utilise pull-out organisers and stackable containers to maximise cabinet space. By placing appliances in designated areas or employing wall storage solutions, you can keep countertops uncluttered. To ensure a practical and effective kitchen, regularly clean the space and maintain the organisation system.

What are some space-saving kitchen storage ideas?

Installing vertical shelves or racks, using magnetic strips or hooks for utensils, using stackable bins or shelves under the sink, incorporating pull-out pantry or cabinet organisers, and using multi-functional furniture like rolling carts or kitchen islands with built-in storage are some ideas for saving space in the kitchen. Further space savings in the kitchen can be achieved by choosing small equipment and maximising wall space with cupboards or pegboards.

How can I make my small kitchen look bigger?

Use light colours for the walls and cabinets to give the appearance of more space in a small kitchen. Make the most of natural light by using reflecting surfaces for backsplashes and counters. To prevent the appearance of being crowded, keep the kitchen neatly organised and clutter-free. Installing open shelving or cabinets with glass doors can also create the illusion of space. Adding mirrors or glass components to the kitchen design can also assist convey a sense of depth and space.

What are some tips for maximizing counter space in a small kitchen?

Only keep necessary objects on the countertop in a tiny kitchen to make the most of the available space. Store less frequently used gadgets elsewhere. To store utensils and other commonly used things, utilise wall-mounted racks or shelves. Think about making an investment in appliances with many uses. Use the space under the counter for equipment such as the microwave or dishwasher. To keep clutter from building, clean the counter as soon as you finish using it and make it a practise to maintain organisation.

Are there any storage hacks for small kitchens?

Yes, there are a number of kitchen storage hacks. Examples include hanging a pegboard to hold pots, pans, and utensils, using adhesive hooks or magnetic strips to store frequently used tools, using tension rods to create cabinet dividers, using the space above cabinets to store items, and adding pull-out spice racks or cutting board storage. Additionally, repurposing items like tension rods beneath the sink or hanging shoe organisers can offer extra storage options.

How can I create additional storage space in a small kitchen?

In a tiny kitchen, there are various ways to add more storage space. Install floating shelves or colourful baskets to make use of the space above cabinets. Hooks for towels, oven mitts, or utensils can be hung on the sides of cupboards or refrigerators. Increase storage underneath the sink by using movable shelves or organisers. To make cabinet space available, install a pot rack. Making the most of pantry or closet space requires the use of stackable or collapsible storage containers. Finally, for more working and storage choices, think about incorporating a kitchen cart or island with built-in storage.

What are some tips for organizing kitchen cabinets in a small space?

Begin by putting like items together when organising kitchen cabinets in a limited area. Labelled storage boxes or containers may then be used to keep everything in order. Use adjustable shelves or shelf risers to create various layers in the vertical space. Install racks or hooks inside cabinet doors so that measuring spoons, oven mitts, and lids can be hung from them. To organise utensils and tiny stuff, use drawer dividers. Stacking pots, pans, and bakeware will increase room. To make objects easier to recognise and reach, think about utilising clear storage containers. Reorganise and declutter frequently to keep a functional system.

How can I make the most of a small kitchen pantry?

Start by organising and getting rid of unneeded or expired products to make the most of a small kitchen pantry. To maximise space, use baskets or storage containers that stack. Use labelled bins or containers and group comparable items together for quick identification. To store spices, kitchenware, or kitchen tools, make use of the space above doors with over-the-door organisers or hooks. If possible, build more shelving, or use shelf risers to make different levels. To maximise visibility and save unused space, think about utilising clear food storage containers. To ensure effective use of the pantry, regularly organise and rotate the contents.

How can I create an efficient workflow in a small kitchen?

Take into account the following advice to develop a productive workflow in a tiny kitchen: Keep objects that you use frequently close at hand. Put all of your kitchen equipment and supplies in their proper places for easy access. Create a logical flow between various workstations in your kitchen, such as the washbasin, stove and place for food preparation. Before beginning a task, clear the counter area to ensure there is enough room for it. Keep your space tidy and clear of clutter to reduce distractions. To create an effective workflow, set a routine and follow it. To keep a kitchen organised and useful, clear and reorganise frequently.

Are there any space-saving ideas for small kitchen countertops?

Yes, there are space-saving solutions for countertops in tiny kitchens. To clear up counter space, think about employing wall-mounted or under-cabinet knife holders. To maintain spices that are easily available without taking up counter space, install a wall-mounted spice rack or magnetic spice bins. To keep the roll off the counter, hang a paper towel holder on the wall. Make use of the vertical space by hanging fruit baskets or mounting a pot rack on the wall. Choose mixing bowls or measurement cups that can be folded up or nestled together to save room when not in use. To clear up counter space, use a dish drying rack that fits over the sink. To reduce their impact on the counter, use appliances that are small and multipurpose.


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