Top 10 Tips to Setup Your New iPhone Like a Pro

Just got a new iPhone? Maximize its potential with these 10 tips to personalize, enhance functionality, and elevate your experience, regardless of the model.

8. Nov 2023
Top 10 Tips to Setup Your New iPhone Like a Pro

You recently purchased a new iPhone and want to get the most out of it. There are a few tips and tricks that may help you personalise your iPhone, boost its functionality, and improve your overall experience—regardless of whether you have an iPhone 15 or an older model. Here are 10 tips to setup your new iPhone like a pro.

1. Transfer your data from your old iPhone or Android phone

If you are transferring data from another iPhone, You may use the Quick Start option to have your data, settings, applications, and iCloud account transferred to your new iPhone immediately. Simply place your old iPhone close to your new one and adhere to the on-screen directions. To recover your data from an earlier backup, you may also use iTunes or iCloud Backup.

If you're switching from an Android phone, You can move contacts, messages, photos, videos, and more to your new iPhone with the help of "Move to iOS app". Using your new iPhone, download the app from the Google Play Store and follow the instructions.

2. Set up Face ID or Touch ID and a passcode

You can unlock your iPhone using your fingerprint or face with to biometric security features like Face ID and Touch ID. They also let you to access security features, sign in to applications, and utilise Apple Pay. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode or Touch ID & Passcode and follow the prompts to set up Face ID or Touch ID. As a backup, you must also generate a six-digit passcode. If you'd like, you may also modify the passcode to a unique alphanumeric or four-digit numeric code.

3. Customize your Home Screen and widgets

You may add various app icons, layouts, and widgets to personalise your Home Screen on iOS 14 and later versions. Additionally, you may access them from the App Library and conceal the pages of the ones you don't use frequently. Long-press any app icon or empty area to bring up the Edit Home Screen option. This will allow you to customise your Home Screen. After that, you may drag and drop applications to organise them differently, make folders, or remove programmes.

Additionally, you may add widgets by selecting from a menu by hitting the addition (+) symbol in the upper left corner. Additionally, you may download third-party applications to customise widgets and icons for your home screen.

4. Enable Dark Mode and Night Shift

With the help of the Dark Mode function, your iPhone may now have a darker color scheme. It looks excellent, helps extend battery life, and reduces eye strain. To enable Dark Mode, Navigate to Settings > Display & Brightness, then flip the Dark Mode switch. It is also possible to schedule Dark Mode to switch on and off on its own at specific times, or in accordance with the sun setting and rising.

Another option that changes your screen's color temperature to a warmer tone at night is called Night Shift. It can improve your quality of sleep by lowering blue light, which can disrupt your circadian cycle. To enable Night Shift, Navigate to Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift, then flip the Scheduled switch. Additionally, you may change Night Shift's color temperature and start and stop times.

5. Turn on Do Not Disturb and Silence Unknown Callers

With the help of Do Not Disturb features you can silences all calls, alerts, and notifications while your iPhone is locked.  It can assist you in getting some quiet time, avoiding distractions, and concentrating on crucial activities. Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb and flip the Do Not Disturb switch to activate Do Not Disturb. Additionally, you may schedule Do Not Disturb to activate and deactivate on its own at specific intervals or in response to events in your Calendar app. Additionally, you may accept calls from the same number again or from certain contacts or groups.

With the Silence Unknown Callers function, you may prevent calls from unknown numbers, recent calls, and Siri suggestions. You may use it to prevent robocalls, telemarketers, and spam calls. To turn on Silence Unknown Callers, go to Settings > Phone and activate the Silence Unknown Callers option.

6. Use Siri Shortcuts and Automations

Siri Shortcuts are actions that you can perform with Siri or by tapping a button. They can assist you in developing routines, saving time, and simplifying duties. You may set up a shortcut, for instance, to send your family a note, play your favourite song, or obtain directions to work. Using the Shortcuts app, you can make custom shortcuts, or you may utilise the preset shortcuts found under Settings > Siri & Search. In addition, shortcuts may be downloaded from websites via the Shortcuts app's Gallery.

Automations are shortcuts that launch on their own when specific conditions are met, such the time of day, your location, or when you connect to a particular Wi-Fi network. They can assist you with changing settings, controlling your smart home appliances, and automating chores. For instance, you may set up an automation to play a podcast when you connect your car's Bluetooth or to activate Do Not Disturb when you go to the movie theatre. Using the Shortcuts app, you can either design your own automations or utilise the pre-made ones found in the Gallery.

7. Learn the Gestures and Shortcuts

You can use touch, swipe, tap, or push to interact with your iPhone using shortcuts and gestures. They can facilitate faster and simpler navigation, multitasking, feature access, and action completion. To reach Control Center, for instance, slide down from the upper right corner of the screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen, or double-tap the back of your iPhone to take a screenshot. Moreover, you may press and hold app icons, alerts, links, or photos to get fast actions or previews using 3D Touch or Haptic Touch. The gestures and shortcuts may be adjusted under Settings > Accessibility > Touch.

8. Optimize your Battery Life and Performance

The performance and battery life of your iPhone might change based on how you use it, the settings you have, and the apps you use. You can follow some tips to optimise battery life and performance, like this:

Switch to Low Power Mode - When your battery is running low or you don't need to use maximum performance, switch to Low Power Mode. Low Power Mode dims the brightness, turns off some functions, and restricts how much your apps can operate in the background. To turn on Low Power Mode, Navigate to Settings > Battery and flip the Low Power Mode switch. For convenience, you may also include a Low Power Mode button in your Control Center.

Turn off Background App Refresh - If an app uses a lot of battery life or is something you don't use often, turn off Background App Refresh. When you're not using an app, Background App Refresh enables it to refresh its content or carry out background operations. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and flip the switch for each app or for all applications to turn off Background App Refresh.

Turn off Location Services for Apps - Apps that don't require your location or utilise it too frequently should have their location services turned off. Apps may use location services to get your location for a variety of functions, such social media, navigation, and weather. Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, then flip the switch for any or all of the applications to disable Location Services. Additionally, you have the option to provide applications access to your location just once or just while you are using the app.

Check your Battery Health and Usage - How well your battery can keep a charge and operate at its best is a measure of its health. Temperature, usage, age, and other variables can all cause your battery's health to deteriorate over time. Navigate to Settings > Battery > Battery Health to examine the condition of your battery. Additionally, you may view your battery's peak performance potential and % of capacity. You can encounter decreased performance, unplanned shutdowns, or the need to replace your battery if its health is poor. Navigate to Settings > Battery and scroll down to view the percentage of your battery that is being consumed by each app or activity. Additionally, you may view your device's screen-on and screen-off times. With this data, you may determine which applications or activities are using up your battery life and change your settings or use appropriately.

9. Use iCloud and iCloud Photos

You can save and access your data, including contacts, calendars, notes, movies, documents, and more, across all of your devices with iCloud, a cloud computing and storage service. In addition, iCloud allows you to access tools like Find My, iCloud Keychain, and iCloud Drive, as well as backup and sync your iPhone settings. You must log in with your Apple ID to access iCloud and choose the files you wish to sync or backup. In addition, you may control how much space you have on your iCloud account and change plans if necessary. Toggle the switches for each app or service under Settings > [your name] > iCloud to begin using iCloud. With the help of iCloud Photos, you may save and retrieve your whole collection of images and videos on iCloud. By storing lower-resolution copies of your images and videos on your device and the higher-resolution ones in iCloud, iCloud Photos also enables you to maximize your storage. Navigate to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Photos, then flip the iCloud Photos switch to begin using iCloud Photos. Additionally, you have the option to download and save originals or optimize your storage.

10. Explore the App Store and Apple Arcade

Millions of apps are available for your iPhone to find and download via the App Store. You have the option to search for certain applications or explore by categories, charts, stories, and collections. Additionally, you may manage your subscriptions, update your applications, and redeem gift cards or promo offers. Open the App Store app and go through the sections at the bottom to learn more about the store. With Apple Arcade, you can enjoy endless access to more than 100 unique games on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV through a membership service. You may play with friends, across devices, online, or offline. 

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