Top 10 NLP Projects For Beginners To Boost Resume

Elevate your resume with top NLP projects for beginners. Enhance your skills and career prospects in natural language processing (NLP) today.

7. Sep 2023
Top 10 NLP Projects For Beginners To Boost Resume

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a fascinating field of artificial intelligence that focuses to make it possible for computers to comprehend, analyse, and produce human language. Gaining practical experience through projects is a great approach to strengthen your portfolio and open up intriguing employment options, especially with the growing need for NLP abilities across a variety of industries. The top 10 NLP projects for beginners that might make you stand out on the job market are discussed in this post.

1. Sentiment Analysis on Social Media Posts

Project Description

To categorise social media messages or tweets as positive, bad, or neutral, create a sentiment analysis model. To train your model, you can utilise well-known NLP libraries like NLTK or spaCy and machine learning frameworks like Scikit-Learn.

Why It's Valuable?

Sentiment analysis on social media is frequently used in marketing and customer service to determine public sentiment. Your capacity to classify and analyse text data is demonstrated by this project.

2. Text Classification for News Articles

Project Description

Develop a text classification model that divides news stories into categories like sports, politics, technology, and entertainment. You can apply methods like TF-IDF or word embeddings using a dataset of news articles.

Why It's Valuable?

Your ability to manage big text datasets and create classifiers, a key competency for information retrieval and content recommendation systems, is demonstrated by this project.

3. Chatbot Development

Project Description

Create a straightforward chatbot that can converse with users. Starting with rule-based chatbots, you can experiment with more sophisticated ones using frameworks like Dialogflow or Rasa.

Why It's Valuable?

The usage of chatbots for customer service, virtual assistants, and other purposes is growing. You can demonstrate your skill to develop useful NLP applications by building a chatbot project.

4. Text Summarization

Project Description

Make a model for extracting or abstracting information from text. While abstractive summarising creates a brief summary in your own words, extractive summarization chooses key lines from a source.

Why It's Valuable?

Text summarising is a valuable talent in industries like journalism and market research since it is helpful in content curation and data analysis.

5. Named Entity Recognition (NER)

Project Description 

Create a NER system to extract from texts entities like names of individuals, organisations, and places. You can create your own or use pre-trained models like spaCy.

Why It's Valuable?

NER is essential for information extraction activities and can be used in industries like finance (monitoring businesses and market trends) and healthcare (extracting medical entities).

6. Language Translation

Project Description 

To translate text from one language to another, create a language translation model. You can make your own translation datasets or utilise ones that are already online.

Why It's Valuable?

Language translation is a fundamental NLP work with applications in localization and worldwide communication, making it a vital expertise for multinational corporations.

7. Emotion Detection in Text

Project Description

Create a model to identify emotions in text input, such as happiness, sadness, and anger. For more complex models, you can employ emotion-labeled datasets and methods like LSTM or BERT.

Why It's Valuable?

To design more emotionally intelligent interactions, emotion detection is utilised in sentiment analysis, customer feedback analysis, and chatbots.

8. Text Generation

Project Description

Make a text generation model that can produce text that is coherent and appropriate for the situation. Starting with basic methods like Markov chains and working your way up to more complex models like GPT-2.

Why It's Valuable?

In order to demonstrate your capacity to produce text that sounds like human speech, text generation is utilised in content creation, chatbots, and creative writing applications.

9. Document Classification

Project Description

Create a model for classifying documents into predetermined categories, such as academic papers, legal documents, and news pieces.

Why It's Valuable?

Document classification is a significant skill for data management professions because it is essential to information retrieval and content organisation.

10. Speech Recognition

Project Description

Create a speech recognition system that can translate spoken words into text. For more accuracy, you can investigate deep learning models and leverage libraries like SpeechRecognition.

Why It's Valuable?

Speech recognition is a sought-after ability in the modern tech industry since it is used in voice assistants, transcription services, and accessibility aids.

By include these NLP projects in your portfolio, you may enhance your resume while also gaining real-world experience and a greater comprehension of NLP ideas. As you finish these projects, think about posting a description of your work on GitHub and presenting it in your portfolio or on LinkedIn. You'll be well-equipped to start a fulfilling NLP professional journey with the right projects and a solid portfolio.


In conclusion, anyone wishing to build their résumé and explore the fascinating field of AI and language understanding may consider starting their adventure into Natural Language Processing (NLP) with one of these top 10 beginner-friendly projects. These assignments not only show your mastery of real-world NLP problems but also provide wonderful learning opportunities.

Sentiment analysis, text classification, chatbot development, text summarization, named entity recognition, language translation, emotion detection, text generation, document classification, and speech recognition are just a few of the diverse skill sets you can develop as you work with them. These skills can help you break into a variety of industries and jobs.

These projects will provide you the knowledge and skills necessary to stand out in the crowded job market, regardless of whether your career goals are to work in marketing, customer service, journalism, data analysis, or any other sector that values language processing.

Don't forget to keep track of your project work, showcase your successes on websites like GitHub, and add them to your professional portfolio. By doing this, you not only demonstrate your practical knowledge but also your commitment to innovation and lifelong learning.


What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

The goal of the artificial intelligence (AI) subfield known as "natural language processing" (NLP) is to make it possible for computers to comprehend, analyse, and produce human language. To handle and analyse text and speech data, algorithms and models must be developed.

Are these NLP projects suitable for beginners with no prior experience?

Yes, these projects are made to be user-friendly for beginners. They begin with fundamental ideas and then gradually include more sophisticated methods. You can select tasks that fit your experience level and progressively advance.

What programming languages are commonly used for NLP projects?

The most popular programming language for NLP applications is Python, which has a wealth of libraries and tools like NLTK, spaCy, and TensorFlow. For particular NLP tasks, however, other languages like R and Java are also employed.

How can I access datasets for these projects?

NLP datasets can be found in a number of places. Access to a variety of datasets for NLP research is made possible through websites like Kaggle, the UCI Machine Learning Repository, and the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK).

Do I need a powerful computer to work on these projects?

Most of these beginner-level tasks can be completed on a typical laptop or desktop computer. However, employing a computer with sufficient RAM and a strong GPU may be advantageous for more computationally demanding activities, like training deep learning models.

How can I showcase these projects to potential employers?

For your projects, you can set up a GitHub repository where you can post thorough documentation and code explanations. To demonstrate your NLP expertise to potential employers, provide the GitHub link on your CV and LinkedIn page.

Are there online courses or tutorials available for learning NLP?

Yes, there are a tonne of online tutorials and courses available on sites like Coursera, Udemy, and edX that provide comprehensive NLP instruction. For independent study, there are also free resources like the spaCy documentation and the NLTK book.

Can these NLP projects be expanded or modified for more advanced applications?

Absolutely! These projects serve as a starting point, which you may then develop or alter to take on more difficult NLP problems. You can experiment with deep learning methods, unique datasets, and increasingly intricate models as you acquire skill.

What are the career prospects for individuals with NLP skills?

NLP experts are in high demand across a range of sectors, including technology, healthcare, finance, marketing, and customer service. Data scientists, NLP engineers, machine learning engineers, and research scientists are a few examples of career opportunities.

How can I stay updated with the latest developments in NLP?

You can follow NLP research conferences like ACL and NAACL, read NLP research papers, and participate in online NLP groups and forums to keep up with trends and breakthroughs in the field.


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