Top 10 Instagram Proxies in 2023 Pricing and Features

Boost your Instagram marketing with proxies. Manage multiple accounts, bypass restrictions, and target specific regions for effective results.

12. Jun 2023
Top 10 Instagram Proxies in 2023 Pricing and Features

One of the top 10 most frequented websites in the world is Instagram. Due to Instagram's enormous popularity and broad use, a variety of tools and services have emerged to assist users in getting the most out of their Instagram experience. Instagram scrapers and Instagram proxies are two of these alternatives.

Instagram proxies let people and companies run marketing campaigns, manage several accounts, and gather data for market research.

We'll discuss the idea of Instagram proxies in this post, along with their significance and practical and moral applications. Additionally, this article will provide you access to a number of Instagram proxy services and help you decide which one best suits your requirements.



What is an Instagram proxy?

An Instagram proxy is a website or third party that stands between your computer or device and Instagram's servers. Your internet connection can be routed through a different IP address, hiding your original one and giving you a new one connected with the proxy server. The ability to access Instagram and carry out numerous tasks while seeming to be connected from a different place is made possible by this.

Instagram proxies are frequently used for multi-account management, task automation, and getting around platform limitations. You may protect the privacy and security of your accounts, avoid IP bans or restrictions, and market to certain regions by employing proxies.

Why do you need to use proxies for Instagram?

In order to stop spam and automated bots, Instagram limits the number of accounts that may be controlled from a single IP address. In order to prevent you from accessing or managing numerous accounts on Instagram, Instagram may flag your IP address as suspicious if you attempt to manage an excessive number of accounts from it. 

However, because of Instagram's spam filters, authorised users who must manage many accounts for work-related reasons, including Instagram marketing, may run into difficulties.

Instagram proxies may be particularly helpful for companies, influencers, or social media managers that need to oversee several client profiles. By concealing their actual IP addresses, they allow users to manage many Instagram accounts without breaking Instagram's terms of service or setting off spam filters.

How does an Instagram proxy work?

By serving as a middleman between your device and Instagram's servers, an Instagram proxy works. This is how it usually works:

IP Masking: Your internet traffic is sent through the proxy server when you connect to Instagram through a proxy. Your original IP address is changed by the proxy server to one that is unique to the server. Instagram cannot immediately link your activity to your smartphone because to this IP masking.

Server Location: Proxies provide servers with different geographical locations. You might appear to be viewing Instagram from a certain place by connecting through a proxy server in that area. This is especially helpful for reaching specialised audiences or getting access to geo-restricted material.

Request Forwarding: The proxy server receives the request before sending it to Instagram, such as when you browse a profile or make a remark. The proxy server then sends the request on your behalf to Instagram's servers. Instagram interprets the request as originating from the proxy server rather than your device when it gets it.

Response Forwarding: The answer that Instagram sends back to the proxy server is similarly transmitted to your device. By transferring the information between Instagram and your device while hiding your actual IP, the proxy serves as a mediator.

Multiple Connections: You may create many connections at once using proxies. This entails using numerous Instagram identities or carrying out various Instagram tasks, each linked through a different proxy and IP address. It enhances account administration and aids in the prevention of account association.

You may stay anonymous, avoid detection, and carry out a variety of tasks on the site without triggering limitations or prohibitions by utilising an Instagram proxy. It offers an extra level of flexibility and control for managing accounts, automating processes, and focusing on certain geographic areas on Instagram.

Top 10 Instagram Proxies key features & offerings

1. Bright Data

2. Oxylabs

3. Smartproxy 

4. ProxyEmpire

5. IPRoyal

6. Proxy Seller 

7. Infatica

8. The Social Proxy

9. Metrow

10. High Proxies


1. Bright Data

Bright Data is a platform for web-based data collecting that gives companies access to a range of proxy services, including datacenter, residential, and mobile proxies for social media marketing.

Bright Data


Instagram bots are readily identified and blacklisted by the target server since they generate a lot of requests quickly while managing several social media accounts or site scraping. By switching the IP address with each request or after a series of requests, IP rotation reduces the chance of being banned by websites.

Users may pick from a variety of proxy types offered by Bright Data, including datacenter, ISP, mobile, and residential proxies, depending on which one best matches their particular requirements.

2. Oxylabs

Oxylabs may be able to meet your demands if you're seeking for a strong Instagram proxy that is extremely secure and reasonably priced.



Enjoy all of the premium features, including unlimited sessions, high-speed connections, and big proxy pools. This is a tool that everyone should have.

3. Smartproxy 

The Instagram proxies provided by Smartproxy include dedicated datacenter proxies in the US and more than 40 million household IPs spread over 195 different locales. 



With Smartproxy, users may keep their IP address for up to 30 minutes. After the set amount of time, the IP address is changed. One of the services that may assist you with both static and rotating proxies for Instagram is Smartproxy. Although they have a sizable pool at their disposal, they are selective about which proxies they use and keep.

4. ProxyEmpire

Currently, ProxyEmpire is unquestionably among the best Instagram proxies available, especially if you want to be sure that all of your Instagram activity is secure and untraceable. The fact that this Instagram proxy will aid you with both home and mobile proxies at the same time is one of the features we enjoy the most about it. 



Access to many proxy networks, including private, datacenter, and mobile proxies, is made possible via the web scraping service ProxyEmpire. Rotating/static residential and 4G mobile IPs are included in their Instagram proxy service.

5. IPRoyal

IPRoyal is a proxy service provider that provides proxy services that are specially designed for particular use cases. Their proxy networks include datacenter proxies, residential proxies that are static or rotate, and private proxies.



IPRoyal enables users to keep their IP address constant for the length of a session or other time frame. The target server can be connected to by as many users at once as necessary. Each request is sent by the proxy server using a distinct IP address. Users may update their IP addresses using IPRoyal's proxy panel and an API request.

6. Proxy Seller 

Proxy Seller provides a flexible payment method and gives discounts for longer-term rentals of their IPv4 proxies for Instagram. You won't want to travel anywhere when the level of security and affordability is this high.

Proxy Seller


This site need to be on your radar if you're seeking for the cheapest Instagram proxy with high-quality features. It also offers a variety of payment options to provide its customers with the right payment for them.

7. Infatica

For online scraping operations, Infatica is a proxy vendor that provides a variety of proxy services. They provide Instagram proxies made up of private IP addresses.



Users' proxy usage is managed and tracked by Infatica. They may choose the kind of Instagram proxy they want to use, for instance, and keep tabs on how many requests they made.

8. The Social Proxy

For your Instagram growth, The Social Proxy is a proxy provider that makes it quick and straightforward to scrape data and conduct all activities in an incognito manner.

The Social Proxy


They provide a free trial so you can try them out before you sign up, and they can also assist you through mobile, which is when you'll probably use the Instagram app the most.

9. Metrow

For online scraping, account administration, and market research, Metrow, a proxy service provider, provides residential and mobile IPs. For automating and maintaining several accounts, they also provide specialised social media proxies.



Users of Metrow are given the option to select proxies that are linked to a certain ASN (Autonomous System Number). Accessing a website that has restricted traffic from ASNs is helpful.

10. High Proxies

Because we believe High Proxies to be one of the best proxies available to combine with your Instagram bot, they are at the top of our rated list.

High Proxies


High Proxies can assist you if you're an influencer on Instagram and need a little additional security. Even the ones on this list don't offer a premium service like they do, and there aren't many other proxy providers that do. This is an excellent business to go with if you want to stretch your money and get Instagram proxies in large quantities.

Instagram Proxies Pricing

Company Name Starting Price Free Trial
Bright Data $12.75/GB/ mo 7 Days Trial
Oxylabs $15/GB/ mo N/A
Smartproxy  $8.5/GB/mo 3 Day money-back option
ProxyEmpire $15/GB/mo Yes
IPRoyal $7/GB/mo N/A
Proxy Seller $2.14 / mo Available
Infatica $9.6/GB/mo 3 Day Trial
The Social Proxy €20 / 2 days Available
Metrow $10/GB/mo N/A
High Proxies $2.50 / mo N/A



What is the purpose of using an Instagram proxy?

In addition to managing several accounts, improving privacy and security, getting around limitations, focusing on certain geographic areas, and enabling job automation on the site, Instagram proxies have many other uses.

How does an Instagram proxy enhance privacy and security?

An Instagram proxy hides your real IP address and substitutes it with a fake one by passing your internet traffic through a proxy server. By making it more difficult for hackers or other hostile actors to find or attack you, this helps secure your identity and important information.

Can Instagram proxies help bypass restrictions imposed by the platform?

To stop spamming or automated behaviour, Instagram does indeed frequently impose restrictions on actions like following, like, and commenting. You may spread out these acts among many proxies and circumvent limitations or bans by employing proxies and changing your IP address often.

Are Instagram proxies useful for targeting specific geographic regions?

Yes, using an Instagram proxy gives you the appearance that you are using the service from various places throughout the globe. This might be helpful for companies doing Instagram marketing efforts that are focused on a certain area or geography.

Can I automate tasks on Instagram using proxies?

Absolutely. By enabling you to use many automation tools at once, each linked through a different proxy, Instagram proxies make automation easier. You may grow your marketing initiatives as a result, plan posts, interact with people, and scrape data more effectively.

Is it important to use proxies responsibly and in compliance with Instagram's terms of service?

Yes, it is very important to follow Instagram's rules while utilising proxies. Proxy servers offer freedom and anonymity, but they must be used ethically and responsibly to prevent any unfavourable outcomes or any infractions of the platform's rules.

Where can I find reliable Instagram proxy providers?

Online research and reviews can help you find trustworthy Instagram proxy services. It's crucial to pick service providers who provide reliable, secure proxies and have excellent customer service.

Are there any risks associated with using Instagram proxies?

Although Instagram proxies can improve your Instagram experience, there are some downsides. Accounts may be suspended or banned for utilising proxies improperly, doing spamming activities, or breaking Instagram's terms of service. It's critical to employ proxies sensibly and within Instagram's regulations.

How do I choose a reliable Instagram proxy provider?

Consider variables like reputation, dependability, client feedback, proxy quality, client support, and price when choosing an Instagram proxy provider. Look for service providers who provide dedicated Instagram proxies, have a solid reputation, offer secure connections, and give quick help in the event of any problems.

Are there different types of Instagram proxies?

Yes, there are several kinds of Instagram proxies, including ones for data centres and private residences. While residential proxies utilise actual home IP addresses received from ISPs, data centre proxies use IP addresses given by data centres. Residential proxies are often more trustworthy and less likely to be identified by Instagram as proxies.

Can I use a free Instagram proxy?

There are free Instagram proxies accessible, however they frequently have restrictions and security issues. Free proxies could be less dependable, offer fewer IP addresses, have slower speeds, or raise security issues. For greater performance, dependability, and security, it is advised to choose premium proxies from reliable providers.

Are there any alternatives to using Instagram proxies?

While Instagram proxies have a number of advantages, there are other ways to manage numerous accounts or access Instagram from other places. One choice is to encrypt your internet connection and alter your IP address by utilising a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs might not offer the same amount of specialised proxy capabilities and IP rotation as proxies designed specifically for Instagram, though.

Can I use the same proxy for multiple social media platforms?

While Instagram proxies have a number of advantages, there are other ways to manage numerous accounts or access Instagram from other places. One choice is to encrypt your internet connection and alter your IP address by utilising a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs might not offer the same amount of specialised proxy capabilities and IP rotation as proxies designed specifically for Instagram, though.

Do Instagram proxies guarantee account safety?

Instagram proxies can increase account safety by lowering the chance of association and enhancing anonymity, but they cannot provide total account security. To keep your Instagram accounts secure, make sure to utilise proxies sensibly, abide by Instagram's terms of service, and take additional security precautions like using two-factor authentication and using strong passwords.


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