Top 10 Homeworkify Alternatives in 2024

Find the best alternative websites like Homeworkify for homework help and academic assistance. Find reliable platforms to enhance your educational journey.

26. Jun 2023
Top 10 Homeworkify Alternatives in 2024

Students from all across the world may use the website Homeworkify to look for problems and discover answers. Users enjoy and commend it for its free services, which are what it offers. In this article, we've covered what Homeworkify is, if it's legitimate, and Top 10 Homeworkify alternatives.

How Does Homeworkify Work?

Homeworkify is a website where you can search for questions and get the answers in a seconds. The link must be copied and pasted into the website's search bar for the solutions search engine to quickly discover the solutions. By providing step-by-step solutions to the problems they have been searching for, Homeworkify also assists children who are struggling with their schoolwork.

Homeworkify Features

  • Search Engine
  • Search Questions
  • Submit answers to homework questions
  • Help students


Top 10 Homeworkify Alternatives in 2024

1. Brainly

2. Quizplus

3. Symbolab

4. Studypool

5. Bartleby

6. Crazy for Study

7. Photomath

8. Socratic

9. Quizlet

10. 24houranswers


1. Brainly

Brainly is a platform for educational technology that enables students to crowdsource solutions to challenging homework issues and receive assistance from professionals and users from across the globe.



You only need to ask a question, and other people will answer it. Brainly offers an honour code system that prohibits plagiarism and advises student users to refrain from sharing content from textbooks or course materials without receiving professors' clear authorization.

There is no single topic that Brainly focuses on. This implies that you are free to ask questions about any subject, including geometry, history, the SAT, literature, medicine, foreign languages, and advanced placements.

You can always count on the students, instructors, researchers, PhD holders, and other professionals on Brainly to help you solve academic challenges and better comprehend the ideas presented in your textbooks.

By providing answers to other users' queries, you may also use Brainly to broaden your knowledge and acquire new skills. One fantastic aspect of Brainly is that you may use the site without ever having to pay a subscription fee.

2. Quizplus

One of the top websites like Homeworkify, Quizplus is an ed-tech firm with a large collection of academic questions and answers.



The platform's goal is to make it easier for college students all around the world to discover top-notch resources for their studies in more than 30 different fields, including nursing, engineering, computers, business, and information technology.

Using Quizplus's Flashcards, quizzes, textbook solutions, practise examinations, personalised answers, and other learning tools, you may accomplish assignments and get ready for tests or exams.

With the help of Quizplus, you may connect with a wide range of learners who can meet your learning requirements by providing rapid solutions to any questions you might have, no matter how challenging.

To do your homework or study for exams faster and more effectively, browse Quizplus' database of over 20 million questions instead of spending hours or days browsing the internet.

By adding your study resources to Quizplus so that other users may utilise them, you can also give back to the community. You will gain points for doing this, which you may then use to purchase decks and tests to further your knowledge.

While Quizplus is free to use, similar to Homeworkify, not all of the platform's features—the majority of which are not offered by Homeworkify anyway—can be accessed without a membership.

3. Symbolab

Symbolab is one of the best options available if you're seeking for websites like Homeworkify that can assist you in finding answers to math problems. It is a tool for learning arithmetic that enables you to explore, study, and apply various math concepts.



Symbolab will offer thorough, step-by-step answers to any calculus, trigonometry, or algebraic math problems you're having trouble with when you submit them. From middle school to college, the platform covers math concepts and simplifies them for users to comprehend.

Symbolab offers a number of smart calculators and conversions for numerous professions and hobbies like STEM, building, finance, cuisine, and fitness since it is solely focused on giving scientific material as opposed to Homeworkify which acts as a general knowledge tool.

Additionally, Symbolab features a group capability for building online courses and a graphing calculator for plotting functions and printing or exporting them as PDFs.

By completing custom practise problems and quizzes, you may utilise the practise tool to hone your mathematical abilities.

Two price options are available from Symbolab: a limited free plan that only allows access to practise questions, and a pro plan with complete access. The Pro plan is priced at $2.49 per week, $1.66 per week billed on a monthly basis, or $0.57 per week billed yearly.

4. Studypool

A worldwide online education portal called Studypool is on a mission to make education available to all students. By linking them with professionals who can provide them the insights and clarity they need, it provides micro tutoring services for students who require assistance answering academic issues.



You may utilise Studypool's many fascinating features to deepen your knowledge, ace your assignments and tests, or enhance your practical abilities. 

The Notebank is one of these features; it has over 20 million study documents that students from over 150 different nations and hundreds of renowned colleges have created and submitted.

With the help of the Quick inquiries tool, you can obtain in-depth responses to short, straightforward inquiries.

However, if you have more challenging inquiries that need for in-depth responses, justifications, or analyses, you may post your inquiries on Studypool, establish a deadline, and indicate the amount you're prepared to pay for responses.

Studypool will provide bids from tutors who are willing to answer your query and are qualified and vetted.

You have the option of letting Studypool choose the instructor it believes is most suited to address your issue for you, or you may compare tutor profiles, statistics, and ratings on your own.

5. Bartleby

Another website that performs similarly to Homeworkify is Bartleby. It gives students a means to ask just about any question about important subjects and receive the responses they require to do their homework or figure out textbook problems.



You can go through Bartleby's Q&A section to find quick solutions to your issues. Additionally, you may ask one of the many recognised experts on Bartleby for assistance if the response you receive leaves you unsatisfied or you need more in-depth explanations. These experts are accessible 24/7.

The fact that Bartleby provides more than simply homework assistance sets it distinct from Homeworkify. It enables you to look up textbooks and have access to other educational materials like concept explanations, literary guides, writing guidelines, and more.

Bartleby can also assist you in writing outstanding essays by offering you a variety of essay outlines to get you started.

When the essay is finished, it may assist you in plagiarism detection, grammar and spelling checks, and citation formatting.

There are three distinct subscription options available from Bartleby. For $4.99 for the first week, you may have access to homework answers and professional assistance. The Bartleby Write programme costs $9.99 per month to use.

Alternatively, you may choose Bartleby Plus and spend $6.99 for your first week to receive access to both the homework and writing tools.

6. Crazy for Study

Similar to Homeworkify, Crazy for Study is an academic search engine that aids you in finding solutions to a variety of problems for your coursework, papers, and exams. You get access to more than 50 million already-solved textbook and assignment problems.

Crazy for Study


When you're stuck on an issue or need assistance with your college textbooks and resources, Crazy for Study's approved subject matter experts will help you find the solutions and justifications you need.

You have access to Crazy for Study's constantly expanding database, which allows you to locate prompt solutions to your assignment problems. Additionally, you have unrestricted access to its collection of textbook solutions.

Every month, you are free to submit up to 50 new homework problems for direct consultation with experts in subjects including maths, law, physics, engineering, business, and social science.

Crazy for Study has the advantage of tailoring the answers to your course needs and teacher expectations without running the risk of plagiarism.

By purchasing a Crazy for Study subscription for $6.5 per month, you can benefit from all these wonderful benefits and improve your academic performance.

7. Photomath

If you need homework assistance, Photomath is another option to consider in addition to Homeworkify. Photomath, in contrast to Homeworkify, is entirely dedicated to offering solutions to mathematical puzzles.



One of the most popular math programmes worldwide, Photomath has been downloaded more than 300 million times. The platform's objective is to make maths easier to learn and understand for everyone, but particularly for schoolchildren, by breaking down ideas into manageable steps.

With Photomath, you may work on math or calculus problems and get step-by-step directions on how to answer them. As a result, you are not merely given the solution; rather, you are taught how and why each step was reached.

A wide range of maths subjects are covered by Photomath, including statistics, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, word problems, and more.

You may use Photomath to instantly acquire step-by-step solutions by taking a photo of the maths issue using the app or manually entering problems using the smart calculator.

Even animated video content is available on the site to help you comprehend and remember mathematical ideas. The fundamental features of Photomath may be used to provide free solutions to any kind of mathematical queries.

However, you may spend money on the app's premium membership service, Photomath Plus, if you want to hone your math abilities and go further into arithmetic ideas with on-demand teaching.

8. Socratic

Students may utilise Socratic, a Google AI-powered online learning tool, to look for answers to their academic problems as well as other resources and explanations. In addition to supporting all courses, it also promotes literature, science, history, maths, and social studies.



To assist you in developing a thorough knowledge of concepts across a variety of areas, the application offers visual descriptions of those concepts. It makes use of voice and text recognition to give the most pertinent information and resources for your educational endeavours.

You may use it to do your homework, get ready for tests and examinations, or use it as a study aid to help you investigate topics, fill in knowledge gaps, and comprehend ideas.

Simply enter your question, snap a photo of it, or utilise the voice option, and Socratic will compile the finest solutions for you.

The response you receive may be in the shape of an infographic, a video explanation or lesson, a detailed solution, a visual depiction, a Google search, anecdotal comments, a thorough analysis, or another format.

Socratic is a more accessible alternative than Homeworkify and the majority of other learning and homework aid platforms because of the range of question-answering formats available.

Students may select the answer types and delivery methods that best suit their learning styles, which helps them absorb the information.

9. Quizlet

One of the top Homeworkify alternatives is Quizlet, which you can use to discover solutions to your homework assignments and exam problems, raise your GPA, and grasp your academic subjects.



The platform provides you with verified, step-by-step answers to your inquiries that are provided by knowledgeable subject matter experts.

In a wide range of topic areas, such as business, languages, engineering, math, chemistry, economics, and more, you may look up solutions to problems.

In contrast to Homeworkify, Quizlet helps you design a personalised learning experience that directs and pushes you to reach your objectives.

Digital flashcards are available on Quizlet for self-assessment and memory practise. Use pre-made flashcards made by teachers and other students, or make your own.

Even better, create tests out of your Flashcards using various question kinds to gauge how well you understand the material.

Teachers and students may use Quizlet's free study exams, modes, and activities to keep their class or themselves interested.

Students of many academic levels, from elementary school through graduate school, can use Quizlet. You may access free textbooks, study materials, and answer keys on Quizlet.

However, you may purchase the Quizlet Plus membership plan for $7.99/month or $2.99/month when billed annually to enjoy an ad-free learning experience and gain additional features like offline set access, customisable practise tests, smart grading, dynamic feedback, and personalised study routes.

10. 24houranswers

College students may access 24/7 tutor support for their homework issues and assignments using the online resource 24houranswers.



You may browse the vast collection of homework questions and answers on 24houranswers to get detailed written solutions to your homework difficulties.

You may also just ask the issue you need assistance with, and as soon as possible, one of the platform's trained teachers will provide you with a quotation.

Once you find a quote that works for you, you can begin working with the tutor to get detailed answers to your question. 24houranswers also provides tutoring services if you need help learning and understanding a topic or subject.

24houranswers covers a wide range of academic subjects including java programming, advanced statistics, mathematics, economics, accounting, and writing.

Whether you’re an undergraduate or a graduate student, you’ll be sure to find solutions to your tricky problems and on-demand tutors who can step in to help when you feel stuck.

Although 24houranswers is not free to use, its price structure differs slightly from those of other websites that offer homework assistance.

Instead of providing subscription options, 24houranswers lets instructors determine their own rates in accordance with their area of specialisation, the time it will take them to tutor you or answer your homework question, and how urgent your deadline is.

You can decide to proceed with the work order if you feel confident about the quotations. If not, you can leave without penalties or charges.

Less expensive than personalised answers obtained directly from instructors, the answers in the 24houranswers homework collection have established individual costs.


In Conclusion, Homeworkify is a fantastic resource for receiving assistance with your assignments and impending exams, but it is not your only choice. You might check out some great alternatives to locate textbooks, answers to homework questions, in-depth explanations of ideas, and learning materials. We have carefully reviewed the websites on this list, and millions of people use them all around the world. So why are you still waiting? Try them out, start asking questions, and receive the information you require to ace your next assignments and examinations.

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