Top 10 Awesome YouTube Channels to Help Kids Learn Coding

Unlock creativity in kids with top YouTube channels for coding! Engaging tutorials & games make learning fun. Explore coding adventures today.

9. Feb 2024
Top 10 Awesome YouTube Channels to Help Kids Learn Coding

The importance of teaching kids to code in this day and age of technology domination cannot be overstated. Coding acts as a catalyst, encouraging young brains to think logically while also developing their creativity and problem-solving skills. The internet world, especially sites like YouTube, has developed into a treasure trove of priceless instructional materials that make learning engaging and participatory. In this article, we'll explore the top 10 YouTube channels that offer exceptional resources to help kids embark on their coding journey.

1. is a non-profit organization committed to making coding education accessible to all. Their YouTube channel hosts engaging tutorials and games, allowing kids to learn fundamental coding concepts in a playful manner. The channel covers a diverse range of topics, featuring popular characters like Anna and Elsa from Frozen and characters from Minecraft, ensuring a captivating learning experience for children.

2. Scratch

Developed by MIT, Scratch is a visual programming language that simplifies coding for kids. The Scratch YouTube channel complements the platform with instructional videos, enabling children to create their own interactive stories, games, and animations. Scratch emphasizes creativity, fostering an environment where kids can express themselves through coding and share their projects with a supportive online community.

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3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is renowned for its extensive educational content. The Computing section on their YouTube channel introduces kids to coding with clear explanations and hands-on examples. The channel delves into fundamental coding concepts, algorithms, and problem-solving techniques, providing a solid foundation for kids looking to explore the world of computer science.

4. Code Avengers

Code Avengers provides an interactive platform for learning coding through game-based activities. Their YouTube channel offers supplementary tutorials, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience for kids interested in programming. Code Avengers covers various programming languages, introducing kids to Python, JavaScript, and HTML, making it an excellent resource for comprehensive skill development.

5. Google CS First

Google CS First is an initiative aimed at making coding accessible to students. The YouTube channel features engaging videos aligned with their curriculum, covering topics such as storytelling and game design. With a focus on creativity, Google CS First encourages kids to unleash their imagination while learning essential coding skills, making it an exciting and dynamic platform.

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6. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT's OpenCourseWare offers free access to introductory computer science lectures. The YouTube channel includes lectures providing in-depth insights into coding for older kids or those seeking a more rigorous learning experience. While more advanced, MIT's lectures are an excellent resource for ambitious young minds looking to delve deeper into the theoretical aspects of computer science.

7. The Coding Train

Hosted by Daniel Shiffman, The Coding Train is an entertaining channel covering a wide array of coding topics. Shiffman's dynamic teaching style and diverse content, including challenges and creative coding projects, make coding both accessible and enjoyable. The Coding Train's engaging approach fosters a love for coding as a means of creative expression, encouraging kids to explore beyond the basics.

8. TED-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing

TED-Ed's YouTube channel features animated lessons on a variety of topics, including coding. The bite-sized, visually engaging videos simplify complex coding concepts for young learners. TED-Ed offers a unique blend of education and entertainment, sparking curiosity and providing real-world applications of coding principles.

9. CS Dojo

CS Dojo, run by YK Sugi, offers beginner-friendly coding tutorials. The channel covers popular languages like Python, making it suitable for kids starting their coding journey. CS Dojo's clear explanations and practical examples help demystify coding concepts, building a strong foundation for kids and making coding an approachable and enjoyable endeavor.

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10. Young Developer

Young Developer is a channel where a young coder named Max shares his coding journey. Max's tutorials and project walkthroughs provide a relatable perspective for kids learning to code. Max's passion for coding is infectious, offering a unique opportunity for young learners to connect with a peer in the coding community, inspiring them to explore and experiment with coding on their own terms.


The top 10 YouTube channels are extremely important because they are changing the way that kids learn to code, which is a reaction to the growing need for digital literacy. These platforms act as catalysts, making coding interesting and pleasurable for younger students while also making it accessible. Parents and educators are in a unique position to equip the future generation with the essential skills needed to handle the complexities of the rapidly changing digital landscape by carefully utilizing these tools. Through this process of metamorphosis, learning to code becomes more than just an academic endeavor; it becomes an exciting journey that offers a broad platform for exploring and using the limitless domains of creativity.

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