Top 10 AI Video Generator to Use in 2024

You can convert your text-based content into simple, entertaining, and educational videos with the help of these Top 10 AI Video Generator Platform in 2024.

15. Jul 2023
Top 10 AI Video Generator to Use in 2024

The process of editing a video takes a lot of time and effort. For stunning results, even the best video editing software still needs a lot of human input. For our benefit, AI tools are now a reality. Next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) video generators automate video creation and editing without sacrificing quality.

Companies are currently making use of every tangible resource in the content and design division to create engaging, interactive video content. They are using platforms for AI video generation for all of their assistance.

You can convert your content from text to video and make straightforward, interesting, and educational videos using AI video generation platforms. The best AI video-generating tools for businesses and creators of all skill levels are listed below.

1. Deepbrain AI

With the help of Deepbrain AI, an inventive AI video editor, users can quickly create great videos by turning text into speech. Deepbrain AI, a leader in AI video technology, employs artificial intelligence to produce videos.


Image Credit - Deepbrain

You can make explanation videos with AI voiceovers and avatars that are ready to use using Deepbrain AI. The platform lets you modify and update the videos whenever you need to and supports more than 80 different languages. AI avatars can speak any language with text to speech. Create AI videos in English, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Arabic and more.

Top Features

  • Create generative AI videos with just a script
  • Multi Language TTS Supported
  • Various Video Templates To Start From
  • Hassle Free Online Video Editor


Price - Starts from $30 per month

2. Pictory

Pictory is a fantastic AI video generator for creators and marketers who lack video making knowledge. All you have to do is give your video content a script or article to follow. 


Image Credit - Pictory

Pictory will convert your text or long-form video into a snappy, exciting visual story that is ideal for sharing. Additionally, Pictory enables you to automatically delete pauses and filler words with just a few clicks. 

Top Features

  • Turn Scripts Into Jaw-Dropping Sales Videos.
  • Automatically Extract Short Video Snippets From Long Videos.
  • Turn Your Text Blog Posts Into Engaging Videos On Auto-Pilot.
  • Add Captions to Videos Automatically


Price - Starts from $19 per month

3. Muse.Ai

An all-in-one video platform, offers hosting for audio and video, limitless embedding of videos and collections, AI video indexing and search, a player with strong adaptive streaming, readily shareable templates, and a variety of other professional capabilities.


Image Credit - Muse

You can access your videos from any platform and location with's flexible storage. Your videos are simple to organise, share privately with password-protected files, save, share, search, create clips, and more all from one location.

Top Features

  • Video and Audio hosting
  • Unlimited video and collection embeds
  • AI indexing and video search
  • Powerful player with adaptive streaming
  • Teams and pro features


Price - Starts from $10 per month 

4. Synthesia 

An artificial intelligence (AI) platform called Synthesia can produce videos in more than 120 different languages, dialects, and voice tones. To represent their brand in videos, users can either develop unique AI avatars or select from more than 150 different standard AI avatars.


Image Credit - Synthesia

This AI text-to-video generator can create useful and interesting videos by analysing the content of your blog posts, news articles, and website pages. 

Top Features

  • Create professional videos in 15 minutes
  • Web-based app accessible in your browser
  • Intuitive interface, suitable for beginners
  • Update your videos with a single click
  • Quickly create videos in over 120 languages


Price - Starts from $22.50 per month 

5. HeyGen

For users to create videos quickly, HeyGen offers a number of practical features and tools. A selection of 300+ voices in 40+ languages are available to users. By uploading recordings of their own voice, they can also make a unique avatar using that voice. 


Image Credit - HeyGen

A user's avatar can also be customised by using the face swap tool. For one minute each day, HeyGen is free to use. 

Top Features

  • Create Engaging Videos Easily With Talking Avatars
  • Create Realistic face swap videos
  • Create Your Custom Avatars In Just 3 Min
  • Text To Speech Online With AI-Powered Natural Voices


Price - Starts from $48 per month 


You may use to make a special video for your brand by using personalised text, colours, fonts, and music. The Auto Transcribe feature is one of its best qualities. You can upload your video, select "Auto Transcribe," and download the script right away.


Image Credit - Veed

Without any prior experience or training in video editing, anyone with rudimentary computer abilities may easily create fantastic videos using VEED.IO. For videos under 10 minutes, is free to use.

Top Features

  • Make great videos
  • Auto generate subtitles
  • Background Removal 


Price - Starts from $18 per month 

7. Rephrase.AI

Rephrase.AI is the most cutting-edge platform for creating videos with AI. Making videos is as simple as typing thanks to it. Hyper-personalized marketing is another service provided by to some of the top businesses.


Image Credit - Rephrase

With Rephrase Studio's text-to-video generation platform, you can produce professional-looking videos with a digital avatar in a matter of minutes without having to deal with the technical challenges of traditional video creation.

Top Features

  • Convert text-to-video in 3 easy steps


Price - Starts from $25 per month 

8. FlexClip

Flexclip video generator includes the AI-generated subtitles, background remover, text-to-speech engine, and hundreds of video templates. Furthermore, developers of any skill level can use it easily thanks to its user-friendly design.


Image Credit - FlexClip 

Teams may collaborate closely on video production anywhere thanks to cloud-based video solutions. Create your video, then share it easily online with a link or by posting it to social media and other places.

Top Features

  • AI Text to Video
  • AI Video Script
  • AI Image Generator
  • Remove Background


Price - Free to use, upgrade plan Starts from $5.99 per month 

9. Synthesys

Although there are many text-to-video platforms, Synthesys is on the leading edge of developing algorithms for text to voiceover and videos for commercial use.


Image Credit - Synthesys

To create lifelike videos for the majority of use cases, including training, explainer, testimonials, tutorials, video sales letters, customer success videos, and many more, you may select from 70 different avatars and 50 professional templates.

Top Features

  • 69 real Humatars are used in the AI text to video generator: 34 women and 35 men
  • 145+ different languages and a voicebank with 254 different styles are available.
  • Full customization completely created on a cloud-based application
  • Pick from a large number of expert voices: 35 women and 30 men


Price - Starts from $27 per month 


Elai is basic and doesn't require any expertise in video editing. Choose a template from Elai's library, paste the URL of a blog post or some HTML text, and let the generator handle the rest.


Image Credit - Elai

Create AI videos from just text, Elai have 75+ languages, 450+ voices and more. Text-to-video, Professional video templates, 25+ high quality avatars.

Top Features

  • 25+ high quality avatars, 75+ languages, 450+ voices
  • Generating a video from a prompt
  • Voice cloning
  • Transforming a presentation into a video
  • Generating videos from url
  • Professional video templates
  • AI script crafting


Price - Starts from $29 per month, and free for 1 minutes

Now, you're prepared to choose the best AI video generator to use for your next video, now that you're aware of the tools that are out there.

Note - We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct. Some article is created with help of AI.


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