Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Wireless Earbuds

A set of tiny speakers known as wireless earbuds are worn in the ears. When the noise level is low, these handy tiny devices come in handy.

3. Mar 2023
Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Wireless Earbuds

Wireless Earbuds are a pair of small speakers that you wear in your ears. These are helpful little gadgets when the loudness is low. Yet, playing loud music so near to your eardrums can damage your hearing permanently.

But not every wireless earbud is made equally. There are some genuinely awful things out there, as well as some genuinely fantastic ones. If you choose carefully, you can probably avoid buying the worst models available and, ideally, end up with something worthwhile. If you enjoy listening to music or audiobooks, obtaining a really good pair of earbuds is worthwhile. We prefer to use earbuds on a daily basis while exercising or on the commute to work.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Earbuds


There are several affordable wireless earbuds available, however I strongly advise against buying any of them. Cost-effective wireless earphones are hard to find. They must have some solid high-density batteries in order to last more than an hour between charges, as well as a high-quality Bluetooth chip from a company like Qualcomm. Be prepared to pay enough to obtain something of decent quality as good quality is rarely inexpensive.

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One of the most crucial components of a set of earphones is this. Little or shallow silicone ear-tips will never create a proper seal with your ear canal, resulting in poor sound quality as well as constant interference from outside noises. In reality, the main reason I don't use Apple's AirPods is the dearth of a reliable seal. I occasionally swap out the ear tips on my earbuds for memory foam tips, which expand with body heat and produce an excellent sound seal.

Unfortunately, fitting after-market ear-tips is typically not possible because most wireless earbuds must be stored in a charging case when not in use. The lid of the charging case simply cannot be closed if the earbuds have large ear-tips installed due to the snug fit in the depression where the earbuds sit. The ear-tips that come with your selected earbuds must therefore be provided in a variety of sizes, fit your ears appropriately, and create a tight seal. A tiny ear-fin that aids in keeping the earbud in the ear is also included in certain wireless earbuds. An earphone that fits comfortably in the bowl of the ear and doesn't fall out as soon as you start jogging is crucial for fit and comfort.

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Battery Life

The majority of producers of wireless earbuds will state a battery life of three to five hours. You can anticipate taking 20% off the quoted amount in actual use. When the battery is depleted, you must put the earbuds back in their charging case where they may be recharged using the battery that is part of the charging case. The charging case features a battery that can recharge the earphones three to four times before the charging case itself needs to be recharged.

A few manufacturers of wireless earbuds may list the cumulative playing time of the three or four top-ups that may be accessed from the charging case rather than the actual playing time of the earphones, so be wary of this. If a number such as 12–15 hours of playback time is given, it does not refer to nonstop listening on a single charge. You should ideally be aware of how long you can listen to the earbuds before they need to be recharged.

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The earpieces of more expensive wireless earbud versions will have control pads or buttons that you can press to change the volume, skip a track, give voice instructions, or answer calls. Inexpensive wireless earbuds frequently lack controls, so if you want to change the volume or skip a music, you'll need to be near your smartphone. The greatest earbuds can even automatically cease music when you take one out of your ear. Examine the available controls carefully. These are unquestionably valuable, but pick a pair with responsive controls.

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Noise Cancelling

Some wireless earbuds have a noise-cancelling capability that can assist muffle background noises like train tracks or aeroplane engines. Keep in mind that noise-cancelling circuitry consumes batteries, so you generally won't get very long listening sessions. Moreover, the earpieces may be quite bulky to accommodate the bigger size batteries that the circuitry requires. The majority of noise-cancelling earbuds have a "Hear-Thru" feature, which allows you to mute the music and hear what people are saying without taking the earbuds out and change the noise cancellation to a level that is safe or comfortable when, for example, jogging.

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Charging Case

An essential component of a set of wireless earbuds is the charging case that stores and recharges them. If you plan to carry the earbuds around with you, the case needs to be durable. Inspect the charging case's hinge and feel how sturdy it is; it will take a beating and needs to be durable.

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In terms of volume, not all wireless earbuds are made equal. While some earbuds require the volume to be at its highest setting, others can produce adequate sound with the level at 50%. You can only get the maximum volume out of wireless earbuds; in contrast, a pair of wired earbuds can be connected to a portable headphone amplifier, so if you're comparing a few types in the audio store, consider comparing the volume levels.

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