Taking Breaks Before Starting New Jobs is Always a Good Idea

Discover why taking a break before starting a new job is crucial: mental recharge, goal clarity and balanced well-being for a successful transition.

27. Dec 2023
Taking Breaks Before Starting New Jobs is Always a Good Idea

Preparing for a new job by taking a break offers numerous advantages. This deliberate break fosters mental preparedness and provides time for introspection, improving abilities, and rest. It's a calculated action that will guarantee a more seamless transfer and set you up for future career success.

1. Reset Your Mindset

Mental agility is required while switching between job. It is possible to ensure a smoother change by giving yourself enough time to emotionally and physically re-adjust before taking on the new task. Running from one job to another too soon might sour the optimism of a new beginning. A break guarantees that you'll arrive refreshed and prepared for the thrilling voyage ahead.

2. Anticipation Builder

There are generally a lot of deadlines and handovers in the closing weeks of an old employment, which adds stress as you psychologically prepare to go. A sense of purpose and excitement permeates the closing period, and looking forward to personal time off to relax and pursue hobbies acts as a beacon of motivation during the last workdays.

3. Enhanced Productivity

A 2014 research by John Pencavel of Stanford University showed that overwork leads to decreased productivity. The University of Vienna also found that after vacation, there were improvements in mood, sleep, and physical problems. These results highlight the importance of pre-employment vacations for a smooth, successful, and happy transition into a new career.

4. Happiness

Studies reveal a relationship between extended enjoyment after vacation and a stress-free holiday experience. High relaxation individuals frequently report feeling happier for up to eight weeks after their trip, underscoring the long-lasting benefits of a genuinely restorative holiday.


In conclusion, taking a break before starting a new job provide several advantages that go above and beyond expectations. They increase enjoyment overall, foster anticipation, increase productivity, and help refocus the mind. Thinking about taking a pre-start break before starting a new job is a wise decision that will help you be ready and excited for the challenge.

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