Supireo Remote Control Robot Dog Price, Features and Reviews

Discover endless joy with the Supireo Robot Dog Toy—programmable, interactive, and adorable. Ideal for creative play and lasting fun for kids.

10. Mar 2024
Supireo Remote Control Robot Dog Price, Features and Reviews

Introducing the Supireo Remote Control Robot Dog Toy—a cutting-edge, programmable, and interactive robotic companion. This RC dog boasts smart features, including animal mimicry, music, dancing, handstand, push-up, and follow functions. Designed for both boys and girls, it offers a dynamic and engaging play experience.

Supireo Remote Control Robot Dog Toy Features  

Adorable Interactive Remote Control Dog: Experience the charm of our robot dog with its endearing appearance and delightful actions. Controlled via an infrared remote with a range of 30 feet, this cute companion can dance to five different tunes and move around like a real dog, adding an extra layer of joy to your child's playtime.

Intelligent Programmable RC Toy Dog: Unlock a world of possibilities with 12 remote control directives, allowing you to program the robot dog to perform various actions according to your commands. From following and imitating to dancing, yoga, and more, this smart dog can record up to 100 commands, fostering your child's imagination and creativity through simple programming exercises.

Following & Imitating Other Animals: Engage in interactive play with the follow function, as the robot dog walks behind the remote control, showcasing its flexibility with small wheels under its feet. Additionally, enjoy the emulation of 8 different animal forms and sounds, providing a unique and educational experience that brings joy to both play and learning.

Energy Saving Lasting Rechargeable Battery: Equipped with a built-in rechargeable 3.7V 800mAh battery, our robot dog ensures lasting entertainment, offering 70-80 minutes of play after just 2 hours of USB charging. Crafted from durable and fall-proof ABS plastic, its flexible joints enable a smooth range of movements, ensuring a long-lasting and enjoyable play experience.

Suitable Gift for Kids Toddlers: This intelligent robot puppy stands as an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for kids. With its smooth, rounded body and absence of sharp corners, it guarantees safety during play. Perfect for children allergic to real puppies, this electronic remote control dog becomes a constant companion, creating endless moments of happiness and fun in their daily lives.

Supireo Remote Control Robot Dog Toy Price

Supireo Remote Control Robot Dog Toy price in the US starts from $32, you can buy Supireo Remote Control Robot Dog Toy online at lowest price.

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Supireo Remote Control Robot Dog Toy Reviews

The Supireo Remote Control Robot Dog Toy has become a cherished companion for my kids. Its adorable design and 30ft range infrared remote control add to the delight. With 12 programmable functions, it sparks creativity and imagination in my children. The following and imitation of other animals bring joy and laughter, making playtime truly special.

The lasting rechargeable battery ensures uninterrupted fun, providing 70-80 minutes of play on a 2-hour USB charge. Durable and fall-proof, this robot dog is not just a toy but a perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas, creating endless happy moments for my kids.

Supireo Remote Control Robot Dog Toy PROS and CONS


  • Adorable design with engaging actions.
  • 30ft range infrared remote control for versatile play.
  • 12 programmable functions spark creativity.
  • Following and imitating other animals for added fun.
  • Lasting rechargeable battery (70-80 mins playtime).
  • Durable, fall-proof construction.



  • Limited playtime on a single charge.



In conclusion, the Supireo Remote Control Robot Dog Toy has proven to be more than just a plaything—it's an imaginative companion that brings joy and laughter to kids. Its adorable design, programmable features, and lasting rechargeable battery make it a standout choice. Whether imitating animals or dancing to music, this robot dog has become an integral part of our family, creating countless happy memories and providing endless entertainment for children.

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