Use These Secret Codes to Test Used Android Phones Before Buying Them

Discover secret codes to test used Android phones before buying. Check functionality, battery health, connectivity, and more for a smart purchase decision.

24. May 2024
Use These Secret Codes to Test Used Android Phones Before Buying Them

Buying a used Android phone can be a cost-effective way to get your hands on a high-quality device without breaking the bank. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the phone you’re purchasing is in good working condition. Hidden within the Android operating system are secret codes that can help you test various functionalities of the device. Here’s how you can use these secret codes to thoroughly test a used Android phone before making your purchase.

1. Checking IMEI Number (Code: *#06#)

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is unique to each phone and is essential for tracking and identification purposes. Enter *#06# to display the IMEI number. Ensure the number matches the one provided by the seller and verify it with your carrier to check for any reported issues such as theft or blacklisting.

2. Network and Connectivity Tests (Code: *#*#4636#*#*)

This code provides access to detailed information about the phone’s connectivity and usage statistics. The menu includes:

  • Phone Information: Check the network type, signal strength, and data usage.
  • Wi-Fi Information: Test the Wi-Fi connection, speed, and signal strength.
  • Battery Information: View more detailed battery statistics and history.
  • Usage Statistics: See app usage and performance metrics.


3. Checking General Functionality with the Testing Menu (Code: *#0*#)

The general testing menu is an all-in-one diagnostic tool that allows you to test various components of the phone. Entering *#0*# on the dialer brings up a comprehensive menu where you can check:

  • Display: Test the screen for dead pixels, color accuracy, and brightness.
  • Touchscreen: Ensure the touch sensitivity is uniform across the entire screen.
  • Sensors: Verify the functionality of accelerometers, gyroscopes, and proximity sensors.
  • Speakers and Microphones: Check the audio output and input quality.
  • Cameras: Test both front and rear cameras for clarity and focus.


4. Battery Health and Usage Statistics (Code: *#0228#)

Battery health is crucial for the longevity of your phone. By entering *#0228#, you can access information about the battery’s current charge level, voltage, and overall health. Look for any irregularities in the battery status, such as significantly lower capacity than expected or inconsistent voltage readings.

5. Testing the GPS Functionality (Code: *#*#1472365#*#*)

For those who rely heavily on GPS, it’s essential to ensure that this feature is working correctly. Entering *#*#1472365#*#* allows you to test the GPS module, ensuring that it can accurately detect your location and maintain a stable signal.

6. Testing the Vibration and Haptic Feedback (Code: *#*#0842#*#*)

Haptic feedback and vibration alerts are vital for notifications and overall user experience. Use *#*#0842#*#* to test the vibration motor of the phone. This ensures that you won't miss important notifications due to a malfunctioning vibration feature.

7. Accessing the Service Menu for Hardware Tests (Code: *#7353#)

Another valuable code is *#7353#, which brings up a service menu that includes options for testing the following:

  • Melody: Test the ringtone and speaker volume.
  • Vibration: Check the vibration motor.
  • Dimming: Test screen brightness and dimming functionality.
  • Bluetooth: Ensure Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Proximity Sensor: Verify the proximity sensor’s response.



Using these secret codes can help you thoroughly test a used Android phone, ensuring you get a device that’s in good working condition. By checking the display, battery health, IMEI number, connectivity, GPS, vibration, and other hardware components, you can avoid potential issues and make a more informed purchase. Always remember to verify the phone's authenticity and cross-check any information provided by the seller. Happy shopping, and may your new (used) Android phone serve you well!

Note: The secret codes mentioned in this article may not work on all Android devices due to manufacturer-specific restrictions. Verify with the device's manual or manufacturer before use. The author is not responsible for any issues arising from using these codes. Always exercise caution and verify information before purchasing a used phone. 

Note - We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct. Some article is created with help of AI.


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