Ruko 1088 Smart Robot Price, Specs and Review

Discover endless fun with Ruko 1088 Smart Robot! STEM enlightenment, diverse functions, and rechargeable joy for kids. Your perfect playtime companion.

9. Mar 2024
Ruko 1088 Smart Robot Price, Specs and Review

Meet the Ruko 1088 Smart Robot, a delightful companion for kids that goes beyond ordinary play. Standing tall at 15.8 inches, this robot is not just a toy but a gateway to endless creativity and fun. With its STEM-focused features, diverse functions, and kid-friendly design, Ruko 1088 sparks imagination and logical thinking in the young minds. From rechargeable batteries to multiple control options, this robot is not only entertaining but also mindful of parents' concerns. Elevate playtime with a touch of intelligence and heaps of joy, making Ruko 1088 the perfect blend of innovation and companionship for your little ones.

Ruko 1088 Smart Robot Features

1. Brilliant Gift Idea for Kids - Surprise the young ones with the Ruko 1088 Smart Robot, standing at an impressive 15.8 inches in height. Its innovative play options stimulate imagination and creativity, making it an ideal and exciting gift for kids.

2. STEM Enlightenment Robot - Equipped with 10 emojis, 9 flexible joints, and 10 music options, the Ruko robot offers creative programming with 200 movements. This engaging tool promotes STEM enlightenment, fostering logical thinking, creativity, and brain coordination through interactive and rhythmic activities. 

3. Diverse Functions - From gymnastics and storytelling to dance and music, the Ruko robot enhances childhood experiences with a myriad of functions. It goes beyond mere entertainment, serving as a companion that cultivates artistic perception in children from an early age. 

4. Rechargeable Battery - Featuring a rechargeable battery, the Ruko robot requires only 150 minutes for a full charge and can operate for 100 minutes. The red light indicates charging, turning off when fully charged, and a low-power reminder prevents excessive play, ensuring a balanced experience for kids. 

5. Kid-Friendly Design - Crafted from environmentally and skin-friendly ABS material, the Ruko robot boasts a durable and smooth edge, eliminating any burrs that could potentially harm kids' skin. With FCC and CPC certificates, parents can rest easy knowing their children can play safely. 

6. Multiple Control Methods - The RC robot toy offers versatile control options, including a 2.4GHz remote control, Bluetooth connectivity through the Carle App on your phone, and gravity sensor control activated by tilting your device. Voice control adds an intelligent touch, allowing commands like "Dance for me!" to be executed, providing endless entertainment.

7. Considerate Customer Service - Ruko stands behind its product with a promise of 30 days for returns or exchanges and a 90-day free warranty. For any inquiries or concerns, the dedicated customer service team is ready to provide assistance. Product support is readily available, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience with the Ruko 1088 Smart Robot.

Ruko 1088 Smart Robot Price

Ruko 1088 Smart Robot Price in the US starts from $119, you can buy Ruko 1088 Smart Robot online at lowest price.

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Ruko 1088 Smart Robot Reviews

The Ruko 1088 Smart Robot is a game-changer for kids! My little one is obsessed with its 200 movements, 10 emojis, and 10 music options that spark creativity and STEM enlightenment. The rechargeable battery is a parent's dream, offering 100 minutes of uninterrupted play. What I love most is its diverse functions – gymnastics, storytelling, dance, and more, ensuring endless entertainment.

The kid-friendly design with smooth edges and safety certifications eases parental worries. The multiple control methods, from a remote to phone app and even voice commands, make it a tech-savvy delight. Plus, Ruko's customer service is top-notch, with a 30-day return, 90-day warranty, and responsive support. It's more than a robot; it's a friend fostering fun and learning!

Ruko 1088 Smart Robot PROS and CONS


  • Engaging STEM features with 200 movements, 10 emojis, and 10 music options.
  • Rechargeable battery for 100 minutes of continuous play.
  • Diverse functions including gymnastics, storytelling, and dance.
  • Kid-friendly design with smooth edges and safety certifications.
  • Versatile control methods: remote, phone app, voice commands.



  • Limited playtime on a single charge.
  • Initial setup might require some tech-savvy know-how.



In conclusion, the Ruko 1088 Smart Robot is a delightful addition to any child's playtime. With its engaging STEM features, diverse functions, and kid-friendly design, it seamlessly blends education with entertainment. The rechargeable battery and multiple control methods add practicality and convenience for both kids and parents. While the limited playtime on a single charge may be a consideration, the sheer joy and creativity it brings to children make it a worthwhile investment. The responsive customer service and warranty offer peace of mind, emphasizing Ruko's commitment to customer satisfaction. Overall, the Ruko 1088 Smart Robot stands out as a versatile, intelligent companion, fostering both fun and learning in a way that captivates young minds.

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