Practical Evidence-Based Physiotherapy Foreword by Sir Iain Chalmers

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16. Dec 2022
Practical Evidence-Based Physiotherapy Foreword by Sir Iain Chalmers

Practical Evidence-Based Physiotherapy Foreword by Sir Iain Chalmers written by an international team of experts Rob Herbert, Gro Jamtvedt, Kare Birger Hagen, Judy Mead.  

About this Book - Buy Book - Click Here - The aim of this Book is to provide physiotherapist with a practical guide to evidence-based physiotherapy. What is Evidence-based physiotherapy? 

Evidence-based physiotherapy is physiotherapy informed by relevant, high-quality clinical research. This implies that when we refer to 'evidence' we mean high-quality clinical research. 

Our definition of evidence-based physiotherapy differs from earlier defini­ tions of evidence-based physiotherapy and evidence-based health care. Previous authors considered that practice was evidence based when it involved the use of the best available evidence (Bury & Mead 1998, Sackett et al 2000). Download Full PDF - Click Here

The best available evidence might be high-quality clinical research, but where high-quality clinical research is not available the best available evidence could consist of poor-quality clinical research, consensus views or clinical experi­ ence.

That is, according to earlier definitions, evidence-based practice could be practice based on poor-quality clinical research, consensus views or clinical ex­ perience.We recognize that there is often insufficient relevant, high-quality re­ search to inform clinical decisions and that, when this is the case, decisions still need to be made.

Sometimes best practice can be informed only by poor­ quality clinical research, consensus views or clinical experience. However, in our view, such practices cannot be considered to be evidence based. The term 'evidence-based physiotherapy' should be reserved for physiotherapy that is based on high-quality clinical research. Read More

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