Oracle Unveils New Data Services at Cloud World 2023

At Cloud World 2023, Oracle, a prominent cloud data services provider, introduced a range of new offerings and enhanced capabilities. This demonstrates Oracle's commitment to staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving cloud technology landscape.

7. Oct 2023
Oracle Unveils New Data Services at Cloud World 2023

The Integrated Vector Database, the newest product from Oracle, is a ground-breaking service that combines vector similarity search with relational database functionality to accelerate generative artificial intelligence. This development gives programmers the ability to create apps that can respond to natural language inquiries by generating graphics, text, audio, and video without the use of extensive coding or elaborate infrastructure. With this technology, Oracle is making it easier to develop AI-driven apps, increasing accessibility and maximising the use of AI's potential across a range of fields, from content production to data analysis.

A variety of open-source data management technologies, including well-known brands like Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, and more, are being added to Oracle's cloud service offering. Through the provision of excellent performance, scalability, stability, security, and seamless interoperability with current tools and frameworks, these products are designed to assist organisations in improving their data operations. Oracle now offers organisations a flexible and comprehensive portfolio of data management solutions to fit their various demands, ensuring that data can be used effectively and efficiently to spur innovation and success in today's dynamic digital economy.

Oracle is providing clients with greater freedom in their AI and general-purpose computing endeavours through a number of significant innovations. They are extending their partnerships with Red Hat and VMware by providing Compute instances with NVIDIA GPUs. These improvements enable customers to utilise Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to execute a wide range of workloads. This covers virtual desktops, gaming, high-performance computing, AI training, and inferencing, among other uses. Customers may also take use of Red Hat OpenShift and VMware Cloud Foundation's benefits by seamlessly integrating these technologies into OCI for a full and flexible cloud computing experience that can be tailored to a variety of business needs.

Oracle is extending its dispersed cloud choices dramatically to provide clients access to innovation wherever they are. In order to expand their worldwide footprint to over 40 cloud regions, including specialised government and dedicated areas, they have added additional locations and multi-cloud capabilities. Partner companies like Amdocs may build cloud services on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and deliver them directly to clients in the locations of their choice thanks to Oracle's Alloy platform. As the first partner to use Alloy for providing cloud services, Amdocs is paving the way and demonstrating the adaptability and wide range of Oracle's cloud capabilities in the connected world of today.


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