Nilavodu Pesum Mazhaiyil Book by Srikala

At this young age, the role of a handmaiden in which she stood, crushed his mind. Her eyes looked up at the photo of her son Harish stuck in the living room.

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7. Mar 2023
Nilavodu Pesum Mazhaiyil Book by Srikala

Nilavodu Pesum Mazhaiyil Book by Author Srikala. 

About this Book - Buy Book - Click Here - Subrapadam sung by MS Amma was playing softly from the puja room. Sitting in front of God, Parvatham opened his eyes and looked at God, praying for something in his heart. His eyes reflected the agony of his mind. Download full PDF - Click Here

He didn't know who to apologize to. He couldn't convince himself that everything would happen according to fate. A life is walking in front of his eyes like a remnant of the fateful Gora Thandavam. Then a hand came to support his shoulder. He turned around when he knew who it was. His daughter-in-law Divya was standing.

At this young age, the role of a handmaiden in which she stood, crushed his mind. Her eyes looked up at the photo of her son Harish stuck in the living room. Is he old enough to die...? Callan took him with him before he started his life. He died after six months of marriage. When he saw his daughter-in-law in a widow's lap, he was again filled with grief.

“Aunty…” He hid his anguish at his daughter-in-law's call.

"Tell me..."

"The broker has arrived."

"Oh... I told Hamsi to see Varan. He would have come." He got up and came out of the prayer hall. After telling the information, Divya moved away and went to her room.

"You too Vamma Divi..." Parvatham called his daughter-in-law along.

"Why am I aunty…?" She refused to consider her position.

"You are like a mother to Hamsi. Come..." He took his daughter-in-law along with him.

"Buy, broker..." said the person sitting on the sofa and seated his daughter-in-law.

"Our papa has received good and good gifts." The said person started showing the photographs of the groom to Parvath. Parvatam looked at them one by one and shook his head in dissatisfaction.

"Don't think I'm boasting about my daughter. She's a lioness. The man who's going to marry her should be classy. Everyone here isn't like that. Get a little better..."

"Then tell me at the factory and take Senchu." muttered the broker to himself.

"What are you grumbling about, broker?"

"Nothing... I'll do as you say." He said goodbye and left.

"Aunty I will go to my room." Divya got up and went to her room.

It has been three months since Harish's death. Divya has to remarry after one year. He didn't want to leave her like this.

'Let Hamsi get married first. After that we will think about Divi.' He picked up his mobile phone and called the second son, Harshvardhan. His mobile phone came as 'PC'.

"Party and dating is the name of the person? He should not have gone to Cine Field." he muttered irritably.

Book Details 

  • Author : Srikala
  • Language ‏ : ‎ Tamil
  • Pages ‏ : ‎ 478 pages


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