Moxie Robot Price in the US, Features and Reviews

Elevate your child's social skills with Moxie Robot – a conversational learning companion fostering confidence and emotional intelligence. The perfect gift for young minds.

12. Mar 2024
Moxie Robot Price in the US, Features and Reviews

Meet Moxie, the conversational learning robot designed for kids aged 5-10. Powered by GPT AI technology, Moxie enhances social confidence, providing a judgment-free environment for play-based learning. Discover the features that make Moxie an ideal birthday gift for boys and girls.

Moxie Learning Robot Features

Unlock Social Superpowers: Statistics speak volumes – 71% of children who engaged with Moxie experienced significant improvements in their social skills. Through interactive sessions, Moxie fosters positivity, self-esteem, emotion regulation, and empathy, as demonstrated in a month-long study involving 51 children.

Personalized Learning Experience: No two children are alike, and neither are their learning needs. Moxie adapts to your child's responsiveness and parent settings, delivering emotionally tailored activities that cater to individual learning styles and preferences.

KidSecure Chat: Safety is paramount, especially in the realm of AI-driven interactions. Moxie's KidSecure Chat feature ensures that conversations are not only engaging but also age-appropriate, with built-in filters that create a safe and secure environment for children to engage in meaningful dialogues.

Unlimited Family Membership: With Moxie, the learning possibilities are endless. Gain unlimited access to a diverse array of games, missions, and lessons tailored to promoting emotional intelligence and social understanding. From recognizing emotions to expressing kindness and understanding social cues, Moxie's library ensures holistic development for your child.

Moxie Learning Robot Price

Moxie Learning Robot for kids price in the US starts from $679.99, you can buy Moxie Learning Robot online at lowest price. It's a perfect for your kids.

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Moxie Learning Robot Reviews

Moxie Learning Robot has been a game-changer for my 8-year-old. The interactive sessions are not only educational but also boost social skills. I've noticed a remarkable improvement in my child's self-esteem, empathy, and emotion regulation. The personalized learning experience caters to individual needs, making lessons engaging and effective. The KidSecure Chat ensures a safe AI interaction, providing peace of mind.

The unlimited family membership is a plus, offering a diverse library of lessons. Moxie isn't just a robot; it's a companion that nurtures social superpowers, making it a must-have for every parent seeking holistic child development.

Moxie Learning Robot PROS and CONS


  • Boosts social skills and emotional intelligence.
  • Personalized learning for individual needs.
  • Secure KidChat ensures safe interactions.
  • Positive impact on self-esteem and empathy.



  • Higher initial cost.



In a world where social skills are paramount, Moxie stands out as a beacon of innovation and learning. Through its unique blend of conversational AI, personalized learning experiences, and safety features, Moxie empowers children to develop essential social superpowers in a judgment-free environment. Give your child the gift of confidence and camaraderie with Moxie – where every interaction is a step towards a brighter, more socially adept future.

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