Meeting Owl 3 (Next Gen) 360-Degree, 1080p HD Video Camera

Enhance remote collaboration with Meeting Owl 3. Accurate voice tracking, 360° view, and superior audio quality for seamless virtual meetings. Elevate communication now.

5. Mar 2024
Meeting Owl 3 (Next Gen) 360-Degree, 1080p HD Video Camera

Introducing the Meeting Owl 3 – your all-in-one solution for an extraordinary hybrid meeting experience. This premium device combines a 360-degree camera, microphone, and speaker, ensuring an immersive encounter. With intelligent autofocus on the active speaker, compatibility with major video conferencing platforms, and effortless Plug-and-Play setup, it's perfect for conference rooms and classrooms alike. Boasting 1080p HD resolution and an expansive 18-foot microphone pickup range, the Meeting Owl 3 is designed to deliver top-notch performance. Trust in Owl Labs, an award-winning company, relied upon by over 100,000 organizations worldwide for innovative hardware solutions.

Meeting Owl 3 Features

1. Immersive Video and Audio: Experience superior collaboration with Meeting Owl 3's 1080p HD video and 360° audio capture, spanning up to 18 feet (5.5m). Its unique capability automatically focuses on the active speaker, fostering engagement and participation, while providing a comprehensive 360° room view.

2. Plug and Play Simplicity: Streamline your setup with Meeting Owl 3's plug-and-play simplicity. From unboxing to the first meeting in less than 7 minutes, this intelligent camera requires only a power connection and USB. Effortlessly launch your preferred video conferencing platform on desktop, mobile, or tablet apps, ensuring a hassle-free meeting experience.

3. Universally Compatible: Seamlessly integrate with leading web-based video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, BlueJeans, and more. Meeting Owl 3 ensures compatibility across the board, enhancing connectivity and convenience for users across various platforms.

4. Smarter Over Time: Stay at the forefront of technology with the Owl Intelligence System™. This cutting-edge feature focuses on individuals 4 times faster, delivering Wi-Fi-enabled software upgrades and enhancements over-the-air. Meeting Owl 3 adapts and evolves, providing a smarter and more efficient collaboration experience.

5. Adaptive to Any Space: Tailor your meeting setup to suit any space with Meeting Owl 3's adaptability. Pair two Meeting Owls for extended video and audio reach, or incorporate an Expansion Mic for larger environments. Enhance your hybrid room setup further with compatibility with Owl Labs' Whiteboard Owl and Meeting HQ, ensuring a versatile and comprehensive solution for diverse meeting spaces.

Meeting Owl 3 Price in the US

Meeting Owl 3 price in the US starts from $1049, you can buy Meeting Owl 3 Smart Video Conference Camera online at lowest price.

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Meeting Owl 3 Full Specifications

Brand Owl Labs
Model Name Meeting Owl 3
Image Resolution 16 MP
Exposure Control Type Automatic
Connectivity Wi-Fi, USB
Image Stabilization Hybrid
Shooting Modes Automatic
Flash Memory Type Micro SD
Photo Sensor Technology CMOS
Maximum Focal Length 3048 Millimeters
Minimum Focal Length 140 Millimeters
Dimensions  4.37 x 4.37 x 10.72 inches
Weight 2.6 Pounds


Meeting Owl 3 PROS and CONS


  • Provides a 360-degree view, creating an immersive meeting atmosphere.
  • Quick and easy setup allows users to start meetings in a matter of minutes.
  • Boasts 1080p HD resolution, ensuring crisp and clear visuals for presentations and discussions.
  • With an 18-foot microphone pickup range, it captures audio effectively in larger spaces.



  • Expensive: The premium features come with a relatively higher price tag compared to basic conferencing solutions.


Meeting Owl 3 Reviews

The standout feature of the Meeting Owl 3 is undoubtedly its impressive voice tracking. This innovative technology accurately pinpoints speakers in the room, creating an engaging and inclusive atmosphere during remote meetings. Placing the Owl at the front of the room enhances the experience, thanks to its excellent 360-degree view.

In our large conference room, the 360-degree panoramic view is a game-changer. Handling multiple speakers seamlessly, it ensures everyone is visible and actively part of the conversation. The Meeting Owl 3's adaptability shines, making our virtual meetings feel remarkably natural and connected.

What truly sets the Meeting Owl 3 apart is its superlative audio quality. Despite our conference room's challenging acoustics, clarity prevails even from a distance of 17 feet. The Owl's audio capabilities have proven resilient and reliable, turning a potentially troublesome audio environment into a non-issue.

Durability is an unexpected but appreciated aspect of the Meeting Owl 3. Withstanding nine accidental drops in our bustling office, the device continues to function flawlessly. This robustness is a testament to its build quality, assuring users of its longevity and dependability.


In conclusion, investing in the Meeting Owl 3 has been a transformative decision for our virtual meetings. Its efficiency, user-friendly design, and exceptional features make it a robust addition to any hybrid working environment. If you're contemplating the purchase, the simple advice is to just buy it. The Meeting Owl 3 delivers on its promises, enhancing communication and collaboration in ways that truly make a difference. You won't regret it.

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